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    jester95008 Guest

    Best to worst Carnival ships

    in order from they best to worst of the ones I went on. This is based on overall style , entertainment, friendliness , and overall joy of being aboard.

    Starting with the worst :

    and the number 1 ship I was on ----

    Carnival Destiny

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    Don Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships

    Paradise (best)

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    mlzangel78 Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships

    ive only been on one does that count?

    Upcoming Triumph (will hopefull y be better than)...

    Hey cant complain 3 cruises this year isnt so bad no matter what ship your on right?

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    RinaAlston Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships

    Only been on one so far But the Conquest was great!!

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    FLBRATT Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships

    Let's see
    Best to worst

    I have been on 2 so far but have two more to goon before the year ends


    But I think the Miracle will by pass all of my cruises by a mile....I hope!

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    Camelia Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships

    Worst: Sensation
    Great: Fantasy, Holiday
    BEST: Glory

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    Helen233 Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships

    How did some of you get so lucky to be able to go on more than one cruise this year???????????????????


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    MortgageChick Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships


    Helen strict budgeting at our house! Last year we did 4 cruises, this year we are cutting back to 2. Typically it is one of the most important expenditures we make. Totally addicted! Will give up many things for the chance to cruise.

    Oceanbreeze -October 1995-5 night W. Caribbean
    Destiny -May 1999-7 night Eastern Caribbean
    NCL Majesty- August 2000 -7 night Bermuda
    NCL Sun-November 2001-13 night Repo Boston to MIA
    Paradise-May 2002- 10 nights S Caribbean
    Carnival Legend-Sept 2002-15 night Transatlantic Crossing
    Royal Olympia Voyager-Feb 2003-15 night Amazon River
    Rotterdam- June 2003-7 night Canada-New England
    Enchantment of the Seas-Sept 1 2003-5 nights Cozumel and Belize
    Costa Mediterranea- December 14 2003 Western Caribbean NEVER AGAIN!!!!
    Oosterdam-March 14th 2004- 7 nights Eastern Caribbean
    Westerdam Nov 12 2004- 17 nights Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale
    Mercury Feb 7 2005- 11 nights Mexican Riviera

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    kdlisa1469 Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships

    Hey mortgagechick,
    Why was your Costa cruise, "never again!!!". Just curious.

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    Seawitch Guest

    Re: Best to worst Carnival ships

    On the Carnival ships I have been on here is my opinion from the best to least favorite:



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