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    KruisinKaren Guest

    Difference between casual and informal dress

    The Celebrity brochure shows that on a 7 day cruise there are 3 casual nights and 2 informal. Can people who have cruised Celebrity in the past give me an idea of what the difference is between the two types of dress and make suggestions for the type of outfits a woman would feel comfortable in on those two types of evenings? I've already got my outfits for formal night but am not quite sure what else to pack for the other nights.

    Any input is appreciated!

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    bOB Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    For a woman, casual would be blouse and skirt or slacks, something like you
    might wear for a night out, for men a polo or short sleeve shirt and casual docker
    type slacks, staying a cut above jeans and tank tops will usually be fine.
    Informal would be a step up, as a nice dress or skorts outfit for women but short
    of being all decked out and a jacket or blazer with or without tie for men.

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    idssms Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    I asked several times on my last cruise and never got a clear definition. There is no Fashion Police aboard the ship,,, so, its the call of the cruiser as to how they want to dress.

    As long as there are no jeans, shorts, tank tops, etc,,, they wont kick anyone out of the dining room for wearing at least a nice shirt and slacks (reg nights) and a shirt and tie on other nights. As a rule, you are a customer, no one will embarass you ,, if you dress appropriately in your mind.

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    Nanatravel Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    Informal means Jacket with a shirt & tie (or no tie) with slacks for him (suit is OK but not necessary.) Dress or nice pants outfit for her is appropriate like you might wear to a daytime wedding. This is a very hard detail to convey, so you will see many variations including very casual and very dressy. I would save the skort dress or nice capri outfits for the 3 or 4 smart casual nights. Stops at Casa de Campo, caused Celebrity ships to eliminate a 2nd. informal night, so check out your itinerary and time that you leave ports. Days at sea are usually formal nights while nights that you leave port late are usually Casual. Have a great time and take out at least one outfit from your suitcase. You won't miss it!
    Bon Voyage

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    joanpav Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    Informal means a jacket ,no tie necessary. From what I could see there is no real difference for women between the two.

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    newmexicoNita Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    That's about it: not much difference for women, guys the jacket makes the difference, but we saw several men wearing nice sport shirts without jackets on informal nights. The best way to handle the dress is to remember NEVER even think about wearing any type Jeans or shorts in the dining room at night: leave the T SHIRTS in the cabin and if in doubt DON'T dress wear it!


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    Ma Bell Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    Informal on Celebrity is what semi-formal is on other cruiselines. If they would just call it that people wouldn't be as confused.

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    Shari2 Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    Hi Karen!

    Here is an example of what I wore for formal night and informal night on the Infinity. On one of the formal nights, I wore a long glittery gown, and on one of the informal-nights, I wore dressy black slacks with a silky tank-top and a sheer blouse over it...and added some nice jewelry.(doesn't have to be expensive). Sometimes, I just bring some nice cz's, so I don't have to worry about my better jewelry being lost.

    A nice dress or pants-suit, or dressy pants and top, would be fine on informal night, and a sport coat for the guys with or without a tie. Hope this helps, and hope you have a great cruise!

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    JohnG Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    When all else fails, check the cruise line's website:)

    "A gentleman's choice for casual nights includes a sport shirt and slacks, while women will be comfortable in a pants suit, skirt and blouse, or casual dress.

    On informal nights, men are requested to wear a jacket, shirt and tie, while women may want to wear a suit or dress."

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    sailboat Guest

    Re: Difference between casual and informal dress

    Informal is the same as sem-formal and I agree it would be a lot less confusing if they just said semi-formal (which most people understand means "almost" formal). So that means cocktail dress or nice pantsuit for women and sport coat over a shirt (with or without tie) for men.

    Casual means more relaxed clothing. Cotton slacks, polo tops, sundresses.

    Here's my personal list of "what not to wear" while in the dining room:

    Anything cutoff, cut out, or cut in
    These usually show way, way too much skin

    Tee shirts (with pictures, or that say "clever" things)
    Too many clinking bracelets or rings.

    What say you fellow cruise addicts? Want to add to the list?


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