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    louise1928 Guest

    40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    Myself and a small group of women (age range - 40+ - 70) are planning a cruise on either Celebrity or RCCL late summer of 2005.. My only concern is things to do during the day and night (especially sea days) on the celebrity. Everything I have read about Celebrity sounds great.......we cruised with Carnival in 2001, and although it was a good first time cruise, it was a little to wild! Out of control kids, and not really much to do during sea days. Maybe we did not participate in as much as we could have, but it seemed to me most activities were geared towards gambling. From what I read about Celebrity, they offer lectures, cooking lessons, flower arrangement demos etc, and I know t hat would appeal to the older women in my group, and I would like to see people hanging out at the bars at night for socializing.......

    Suggestiosn and tips welcome.............

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    ljeanbrown Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    I think Celebrity would be a good choice for your group, it has things to do that would interest your group. I would stay away from the Zenith and Horizon because they are more layed back and I think some of you would not find enough to do. They are very nice ships, I don't want you to think they aren't, I am just thinking about activities and night life.I think you would like the Millennium class ships as they have a wide range of choices for your group to do. Which ever you choose I hope you all have a great cruise :wave

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    SueClark Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    I think Celebrity would be an excellent fit. On the longer sailings they have Gentlemen hosts that dance with the single ladies, which really adds to the enjoyment of sitting in a bar listening to the music.


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    sailboat Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    Your best guide to activities is the ship's newsletter. That's where you'll find the schedule posted for games, lectures, courses, and other activities. There's usually a movie shown during the day or you can check out books from the on board library. I always see people playing cards--bridge I guess and there are usually board games as well. The nighttime activities are really geared toward the shows and the bars. Celebrity does a nice thing one or two nights in which light bites are available all around the ship. Some of the group nighttime activities like the Karoke singing and Sock Hops tend to get a little crowded and noisy and may not be everyone's cup of tea.

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    John Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    Celebrity would be a good choice, but I'd also like you to look at Princess also. Many of the ships have classes onboard as well as lectures.

    Here is my article on the Island Princess just to give you an idea on the choices:

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    LBcruiser Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    I'm 37, just got back from a Celebrity Summit 11-day cruise to Western Car. with my family and I think it would be a perfect choice for your age ranges. My husband and I would pass through one of the lounges on our way to dinner and get a kick out of watching the 60+ crowd dancing to their mellow band stuff- very mellow crowd of older folks. Then you walk to the other end of the ship into the big night club and listen to DJ music that usually has a different theme every night and is more active and fun for the 35+ crowd. Another lounge might have kareoke going with a wide range of ages, and the pool deck might have the reggae band jamming with everyone dancing around. I've been on Carnival before and was very uncomfortable with the wild, drunken feeling of lots of early 20's folks running around half naked all the time. I thought the Summit was so classy feeling yet lots of fun when you want to let your hair down. With the Broadway type shows, the casino, movie theatre, art auctions, great shopping on board and all the other things I think you all would have a blast no matter what ages and types of personalities you have in your group.

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    BP Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    You will love the Summit. Trying to get my wife to let me sail with you. Sounds like a great group.

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    Hooked Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    Hey BP I've been trying to get on the cruise also. Coild be fun, with all those married singel women on bpard.. :lol :lol

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    creditlady Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...


    Tell me more about the summit. We will be on her for 11 days this fall.

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    LBcruiser Guest

    Re: 40+ groupf women looking for a good time...

    You'll love it- there is so much stuff to do all the time if you want to be busy, or lots of places to just hang out in the sun if you don't. If you're doing the 11 day you must be doing the Western Car. like we did, which was the perfect amount of port days vs. sea days. We're both 37 and brought our 2 little boys with us, who practically lived in the Fun Factory (supervised kids program). I'd say most people on board were 35+ (except for the kids) which made for a very mellow atmosphere in the public areas. You board the ship and are greeted by tuxedo clad waiters with trays of champagne, and everywhere that is supposed to be somewhat quiet really is quiet. Then you step into one of the night clubs and it might be totally rocking with great music to dance to, step out of that back into quiet. The ship is laid out really well so you can always find the atmosphere you're looking for. We'd watch the shows after dinner then go to the casino to play the nickel slots. The art auctions are a lot of fun too- you can get some pretty good deals. We played bingo and watched kareoke, worked out in the nice gym, swam, played chess with the boys, had a total blast snorkeling in Cozumel and Aruba (boys stayed on ship those days). It is such a big ship you never feel like it's crowded and there is always something to do. I know we didn't tap into half of the activities they offered but I do know we tried to stay on the ship for the eastern car. sailing but they were full (so that tells you how popular it is). My only complaint was how many of the clubs they allowed smoking in- I felt like it was hard to get to the main restaurant for dinner without walking the gauntlet of smoky lounges to get there. I was also the nitpicker in the casino reminding people they couldn't smoke in the tiny area the ship designated as non-smoking in the casino. Oh well- that was the only fault I could find, and it wasn't enough to keep us from going back (next April on the eastern car. cruise). I think anyone would be hard pressed not to have a fantastic time on the Summit (there were the crankpots here and there who seemed to always find something to complain about, but they're everywhere!) My main tip would be to rent a car in most ports (not Costa Rica or Panama- they're too third worldish to be safe doing that) but in Key West, Aruba, Grand Cayman. You're usually going to get more for your money than taking taxis or touring buses (who will usually just drive you around the same places and charge you big $). For example- on Aruba we rented a car for $50, we cruised around all day, snorkeled on 2 different beaches on different ends of the island and had a blast. We ran into 3 women from the ship who had taken a taxi to the same beach and it had cost them $40 one way. They had nowhere to store their stuff while on the beach and they had to catch another taxi back. On Key West we rented one of those little electric cars for 3 hours for $40 and zipped around like 2 crazy kids, while all the people on the tourist trap trolleys looked enviously at us (they had spent $20 each for an hour tour packed in with a bunch of other people). Some of the ports it pays to book an excursion, especially in the edgier areas like Panama & Costa Rica. At Cozumel there's a very nice resort right next store where if you're willing to sit through an hour time share presentation they'll give you a free lunch, alcoholic drink and snorkeling gear, and use of their pool. It's a great deal if you can be stone faced enough to get through it quickly, say no thanks and get on with your day. My husband is too nice so we ended up spending 2 1/2 hours in the presentation (chatting, etc.) and only got 3 1/2 hours to enjoy the rest of the day. Oh well- it was still fun. Anyway- hope this helps. Whatever you do, pack an over the door shoe holder for you bathroom to store all your toiletries and extras- it saved my life. Have a great trip!


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