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    Darlene Guest

    Are both Stingray Cities the same?

    <HTML>I was in the Cayman Islands in '99 and I just loved going to Stingray City. It was so awesome to be way out in the ocean and jump in with all the stingrays. They are so cool. My question Stingray City in Nassau the same kind of experience? Nassau is one of our ports on our cruise in September and I would really like to do the stingray thing again if it is the same thing. I couldn't tell from the excursion description whether it is or not. Has anyone ever done both Stingray Cities? How would you compare them?</HTML>

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    Anna B Guest

    Re: Are both Stingray Cities the same?

    <HTML>Unless there has been a big change, you will be very disappointed in the Bahamas. The stingrays are in a fenced area. No way does it compare to the Cayman Islands.</HTML>

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    Darlene Guest

    Re: Are both Stingray Cities the same?


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    jeffstern Guest

    Re: Are both Stingray Cities the same?

    <HTML>Anna B is right!!!! The "Stingray City" in the Bahamas is a waste of time and money. The only thing worthwhile to do in Nassau is to go the the second floor of the Straw Market, there's a place called Two Brothers, or Three Brothers, or something.... Best frozen thingees with little umbrellas in all the islands...</HTML>

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    Julie Guest

    Re: Are both Stingray Cities the same?

    <HTML>I agree also! The sting ray snorkeling in the Bahamas is NOTHING like Sting Ray City snorkeling in the Caymans. We're going to try the Dolphin Encounter the next time. It looked a lot more fun!</HTML>


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