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    SandyBeach Guest

    Carnival Personal Vacation Planners

    (I hope this is an ok question to post...if not please remove it...thank you.)

    For those of you who have used or been contacted by a Carnival Personal Vacation Planner....did you like them or dislike them and why? And would you mind at least giving a first name...Adrian was our CPVP but we've been assigned a new one. I'm saddened by this news as I really liked Adrian a lot.

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    ocnlvr Guest

    Re: Carnival Personal Vacation Planners

    Hi SandyBeach,
    I have been speaking with a very nice lady by the name of Deborah Kunz, her number is 1-800-819-3902 Ext 82796 her email is
    She has been very helpful and very very nice. You might try her.

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    kakarp Guest

    Re: Carnival Personal Vacation Planners

    I always book right from Carnival. Have always use whoever answered the call. But, this years book I found a great CPVP, Anthony H. is his name. He has been such a huge help. Answered all and I do mean all my questions and have put up with my changing my mind a few times. And when I call about specials that I see. He does everything he can for me. For instance. When I first book the price was $ 4 digits pp. Saw a sale and dropped to $ 3 digits pp. Saw another sale to save $100 but he told me that not only was I going to save the money but because I/we were past guest we could be upgraded from Upper deck 6 to deck 10. That was just too close to the front so I opted for Lildo deck 9. And after doing some research I found that the two cabins I had when the balcony partition was opened one or the other balcony doors would be blocked. Made yet another call and changed one of the cabins to the other side. And he e-mails my confirmation almost immediately.

    If you would like I’ll send you an IM with his full name and extension.

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    shadoesmom Guest

    Re: Carnival Personal Vacation Planners

    My PVP was Glen.

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    Kim1319 Guest

    Re: Carnival Personal Vacation Planners

    Khian Hendriks, Is my CPVP, however I've never spoke with my PVP. But I do get the promotions and stuff in my Email from Khian quite a bit.

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    cruisegary Guest

    Re: Carnival Personal Vacation Planners

    Did our trip with a PVP and had great luck. Though some love their Travel Agents, I have run into too many that do not know what the heck is going on. The good news is that PVP only deal with one kind of vacation, a cruise on Carnival. They know very little if anythng about hotels, various resorts, other cruise lines, etc. Meaning they know lots more than normal about Carnival ships.

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    Los Abuelos Guest

    Re: Carnival Personal Vacation Planners

    Hi SandyBeach,

    My wife and I took our first cruise through a regular travel agent and got good service but she was a part timer and working through the owner when she wasn't there got to be a chore.

    Then I found Bill Buzby, Personal Vacation Planner extraordinaire!! Bill consistently returns calls the same day for price, cabin, embarkation, excursion and all sorts of information. He's booked my Spirit flights for me and made beneficial changes after alerting me and explaining why this might be a good change or not.

    Planning a four day departing NY on our aniv for Halifax as a complete surprise for my wife he went out of his way to carefully call with follow-up information. So he's got my complete confidence and I refuse to respond to emails I sometimes get from other PVP'ers and if it looks good...I call Bill.

    If Adrian's no longer with the company try Bill ext. 82839 or and tell him Dick Powell said Hello if you want.

    PS he's handling our 1st seven day, Mex-Riveria in 106+ days too!


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