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Thread: Captains Dinner

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    wishboneallen Guest

    Captains Dinner

    My wife and I are going on Carnival Oct. 16 for our second cruise. I was wondering if there is any way to get to sit at the captain's table for dinner? This is our 25th year anniversery and this is sort of our present to each other. I am trying to plan this suprise for my wife. thanks for any help.

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    FUN at SEA Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    HI Wishbone.
    I'm not sure about the Captin's table . but congradeulation's on your 25th . we leave on OCT 17 on the Conquest and this will be our 20th anniversary. have a great time.

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    Cruzman Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    I would suggest emailing the cruise line with your request and see what happens.

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    Randyjean Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    Waaaaaay back when I first started cruising, Captains seemed to take that duty seriously. You'd see them dine with a different group of companions each night. I always assumed that people staying in suites had the edge.

    When I went on the Destiny, the Captain and the purser sat at a table for four with the other two chairs usually unoccupied...'course they also announced their engagement on that cruise, so maybe that was unusual. :-)

    Cruzman had a good suggestion. Requesting ahead a time is worth a chance.

    Good luck!


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    cruisegary Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    Worth a try, but keep in mind that some of these ships have 2000+ people on them. Very few are going to get to eat with the Captain.

    Let us know.

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    headvaser Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    The Captain usually only has one night that he actually dines in the dining room. The other nights he dines with the crew in the crew quarters. My wife and I were invited on one cruise to dine with the Captain. We didn't ask, but got a note under our door that our presence was requested at the Captains table. It certainly was a memorable experience. My wife was a travel agent at the time and she had booked almost 10% of all the people that were on the ship at the time. Also invited was another travel agent who had the second largest booking on the ship, and the third person was an Elvis impersonator who had brought along quite a few passengers to see him perform. I assume it won't hurt to let them know it's your 25th anniversary and perhaps he will choose you to sit at his table. Hope you get too, as it was a nice surprise for us, and you definietely are treated much differently at the Captains table. Also attending at the Captains table with us were several of the ships other chief officers.

    Dave and Yvonne
    next sailing Oct 24th from New Orleans on the Carnival Conquest

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    johnny911 Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    How do you get invited to the captains dinner. I took a carnival cruise about 5 years ago does that make me elligable? If so how do i get on the invited list?

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    serene56 Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    I guess youhave to ask your agent to get you on the list. I have sailed carnival 4 times and never seen the captain dining except at his party on formal night. Also heard he dines at second seating.

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    wishboneallen Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    Hey guys and gals
    We leave on Sat and I hope my request done some good. Thanks for all of the info and I know that we will have a great time even if we don't sit at the captain's table. CCCCCCCCC you guys after we get back.

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    Popdog Guest

    Re: Captains Dinner

    In my experience, there is a "Captain's Table" at each dinner seating. The problem is the captain only eats one dinner a day so one of the other senior officers sits in for him. The point being even if invited to the Captain"s Table you probably won't be eating with the Captain.

    There are any number of ways to be invited some of which have been mentioned. I method I haven't seen is to watch in the terminal for somebody who looks like a Social Director. He/she will have a clipboard and be looking for outgoing (Not meaning boistrous), friendly (Not meaning back slapper) and interesting (Not meaning wearing a 'coonskin cap) people to invite.

    As mentioned by others, the chances of being invited are somewhere between Nil and Slim. But it don't hurt to ask.

    Good Luck to you.


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