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    Boymom Guest

    Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    I remember last year when cruising on Carnival Paradise they allowed passengers to debark by 7:30 AM (or as soon as the ship cleared customs around 7:30 AM) if they had kept their luggage with them and carri4ed their own luggage off the ship.

    Does anyone know if CCL is still doing this? I'm sailing the VALOR in the early part of next year and looking into air schedules. If I could carry my luggage off, then I could get an earlier flight out of Miami......

    Thanks for any info........BARB

    BTW.....2 days til Jewel of the Seas!!!! yahoo........

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    mom2kanda Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    I sailed the Fantasy last December. They suggested to ALL passengers to carry off their luggage. They did not give priority to those doing so, just made you take it with you to you debarkation station. We ere the last group off and we got off arount 10:30.

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    sail7seas Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    Are you serious? People are supposed to take their own luggage off the ship? Not everyone is able/wants to to all that luggage handling.

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    CruiseDiva Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    Yes, Carnival still offers early debarkation to those who wish to roll their own luggage off. It's entirely voluntary--no one forces passengers to handle their own luggage.

    It's a great option! As someone who packs relatively light, I love it.

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    Boymom Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    LindaC..........thanks so much for the response. I was hoping that was the case.... It makes it much
    easier to leave Miami at 11:45 AM if I can plan to just roll off my bags........

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    Gayle V Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    Hello BoyMom, I know there are some who will say that's 11:45 is a workable time, but you need to realise when you book that flight that you're taking a gamble. For an 11:45 flight you should be at the airport no later than 9:15 (That's only 1 1/2 hours early, the minimum recommended these days.) You will be lucky to be off the ship by 9:15. And if you are arriving in Miami on one of those days that has many ships disembarking all at once, you'll be hard pressed to make it through the traffic in time. I'll be wishing you luck with getting off the ship that early. But it doesn't sound like a fun way to end your cruise, having to worry about catching an early flight.

    This may not be terribly pertinent but, for what it's worth, here was our experience in New York, on the Carnival Victory in July. If they could end up on this timetable there, they can do it elsewhere. This is a clip out of my review:

    We had to be out of the cabins by eight-thirty, then sat up on deck for quite a long while. They called the first “walk-offs” ( those who carry all their own luggage off the ship with them and just ‘walk-off’) to debark at about 15 or 20 before ten AM. The first color codes for debarkation were called at about five to ten. We were yellow and in the third group of colors called. That was about 10:35.

    Just a side note here. I believe a few people managed to walk-off a few minutes before the first walk-off call was given, because we saw some fellow passengers walking through the parking lot, right next to the ship, about five or ten minutes before that call. And when the announcement came for those first walk-offs, the crew person who was speaking sounded a little exasperated, and said, "Yes, THIS is the first call for passengers carrying their own luggage to disembark the ship." It really sounded as if they were having trouble with people being uncooperative with waiting.

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    Boymom Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    well, actually it would be 10:15 (not 9:15) to be at the airport 1 1/2 hours early for a 11:45 flight.....
    and it is a 15 minute ride in a cab........

    also I sailed the Victory and had the same problem......2 years ago with them being very slow to let people off and my friend sailed her last year out of Miami and had the same problem......SO I think some of your problems were the crew of the Victory perhaps. We found them to be totally unorganized ........

    either way....... I've sailed over 20 cruises........ 16 on CCL...... and most of the time they do get the "walk offs" out of there by 7:30 or 8:00 which would give me plenty of time......

    but yeah, I guess I'm a gambler at heart.........because I'll probably go for it.......since if I don't I have to sit in
    Miami til about 5:00 PM...

    thanks for your input though.........

    Happy Cruising.....

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    Jeff & Susana Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    I'm betting on the safe side.................we'll hang around the Miami airport until 5PM next Feb!

    I will not be in a hurry to jet home anyway.

    Chicago in Feb. is not that nice.

    (and we have not yet been off a ship earlier than 10:30)

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    CruiseDiva Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    The last two times I did the "walk off" option on Carnival ships I left the ship before 8:30am. A lot depends on where the ship is homeported... Florida embarkation/debarkation ports are a LOT more efficient than NYC!!!

    The earliest flight I've caught from Miami after a cruise was at 10:30am (last December). but that was cutting it close due to lame Customs agents. An 11:45am flight is do-able by walking off with luggage if the ship clears in a timely manner and you take a taxi to the airport to beat the majority of passengers who use the bus transfers. In March I checked in through the Delta e-ticket kiosk in Miami and cleared security in under 15 minutes.

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    Gayle V Guest

    Re: Does Carnival still do early debarkation?

    Oops, my mistake on the time. As a night shift worker, I usually know better than to try to do math on any day when I haven't slept yet. Good luck on the flight. I could never try it, but then I'm no gambler.


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