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    SSpray Guest

    How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    Is there away to get free onboard ship credit on the Valor?
    I have a honeymoon cruise booked for Jan. 27th.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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    Cruzman Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    The only time that one can get a free onboard credit is if the cruise line offers it as a booking incentive, or it may be offerred in the case of a severely altered itinerary due to mechanical problems or the like. If you were not offerred such a credit as a booking incentive, your chances of getting one are slim and none.

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    SSpray Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    That is what I figured, but I also thought there might be a small chance people might know a secret I did not know.

    If anyone does know a secret please pass it my way :D

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    frito Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    secret # 1--- nothing is free.

    Saw your posts on the other site re / " free on board credit ".
    Per your last post there, several people had e-mailed you with the " secrets " of free credit.
    Perhaps you would share with us ??

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    SSpray Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    The warm welcome on the other board was duly noted.
    No, I wish not to share it with you….

    You just keep telling your self nothing is free, and carry on.

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    Sophie Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    sspray ... well please share it with me?!!?! :)

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    serene56 Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    How bout me???

    One way that you MAY have received onboard credit-- watching your prices to see if they came down any. Should not have relied on an agent to do that.

    Another way was to buy yourself a credit each pay--ok its not free but it works. I have been doing this for a few months now and I have a few hundred bucks on there. Some to pay my tips for the both of us- another weekend I put down enough to cover our meal in Nick & Noras. Massages, I wanted my hair done for formal night. Cartons of smokes--but I have since quit smoking so I have to find a way to spend that money. I also brought drink coupons and photo coupons so that stuff is all prepaid.

    But now I would like something for free. Please tell me

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    coffeecups Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    Welcome, sspray, to this board. As you may notice, this board is truly dedicated to addicts-- those who have a need to cruise. We try to be friendly and helpful.

    I don't know what the problem is between you and the first respondent who saw your post elsewhere. I just hope that you have come here to share with nice people, who really do like to help each other. If you are here to just help yourself, then you may be missing the point of this board.

    First, onboard credit, is like the second respondent said--something offered by Carnival when problems happen that inconvenience all the passengers of the cruise. I recieved a 50% on another cruise after one of my cruises got caught up on a sandbar.

    Like others have said, there are no freebies either . All coupons and offers from Carnival will require you to spend money. Now, the drink coupons that you can buy from Carnival can save maybe about 50 cents, or the price of the tip, if you drink the 4.95 drinks. And if you put out the money for that last bingo game, you can take a chance and win a free cruise. (but you have to put up 10 dollars (i think) for the bingo game (not free!!!!). Other than that, the only discounts are the deck/room UPGRADE you may get.

    Good luck and best wishes on your cruise!!!


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    littlebit Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    Don't look for on board credit - instead look for "extra's" given out. Be sure you mention you are on your honeymoon to your cabin steward. He may surprise you with a small gift. Also tell the cruise hostess and the purser. They may surprise you with coupons or small tokens to make your cruise a bit more special.

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    lainie Guest

    Re: How to get FREE onboard ship credit?

    There are no little "tricks". Shipboard credit is given out as stated in posts above. Don't feed the trolls.


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