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    glo-ree-bee Guest

    ? children eating in formal dining room

    A question has arisen from our daughter about 3 yr old eating in the formal dining area in the evening.

    Is there a time when children can eat their evening meal with Camp Carnival or do they always have to eat with their parents at the more formal dining time?

    We have one grandson who does not stay seated very long after eating and since there are many courses during the evening meal, daughter was wondering if there was another alternative so both parents could have a complete meal in the dining room without having to get up and leave with the child.

    I know, I know---he should be made to mind but this is one thing we have not been able to impress upon him no matter what the consequences.

    An answer please.

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    jimlinalf Guest

    Re: ? children eating in formal dining room

    I don't have an answer for you about this dining situation. I'm hoping to see some very helpful resp onses from the experienced family cruisers. On our last Carnival cruise I did see some very nicely dressed young kids, a couple of boys about 6 and 8 or so all tuxed up with their dad. Actually in 3 cruises I have not seen any young kids misbehaving in the dining room on formal night. This might be a good experience for them to learn from.


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    cinamongirl Guest

    Re: ? children eating in formal dining room

    If Camp Carnival does not accomodate you during your dining hours, there are also babysitting services in cabin - if you wanted to utilize them. I believe you pay by the hour. I have a 5yr old & a 2 yr old & I understand how little ones' attention span usually does not last 4-5 courses.

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    joanpav Guest

    Re: ? children eating in formal dining room

    To the best of my knowledge, Carnival does not provide "in room" babysitting even for a fee, during dinner hour.During that time and until 10:00 pm, children can go to Camp Canaveral for activities and a group slumber party. Check out Carnival web site under children`s programs.

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    mlzangel78 Guest

    Re: ? children eating in formal dining room

    you might want to think about possible grabbing a plate from the lido deck buffet, letting him sit in the room and eat and watch tv, or ofcourse he can sit and eat in the buffet, you and your spouse can have coffee while waiting , and then sending him to camp carnival this way he eats and then you can enjoy your dinner, you did not state what seating you had late or early, hoping that you have late seating, that should work out fine since youll be able to feed him dinner during normal time, and then you and your spouse will have a chance to get dressed and ready for dinner.

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    serene56 Guest

    Re: ? children eating in formal dining room

    Camp does have a dining for kids on formal nights-- The capers tells you to be prompt. I will check it for you next week. (its for early dining)_

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    nimbex Guest

    Re: ? children eating in formal dining room

    As previous posters suggested... the camp does have dinner on the two formal nights, feed the little one at the buffet early and send him to the camp durring your dinner. You can't expect many 3 yr. olds to sit for an hour at a table AND enjoy a peaceful dinner. Also, nothing wrong with giving it a try, knowing you may have to leave and eat a the buffet if it's too difficult for everyone to keep him occupied. Consider bringing a "special" dinner toy, activity, that only comes out durring the dinner... try the dollar store.... can do one for each dinner night, even wrap it up for a surprise gift.

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    glo-ree-bee Guest

    Re: ? children eating in formal dining room

    What wonderful suggestions and comments.
    Thank you so much.

    Our dinner time is early seating because of the children!

    Hopefully he will be on his best behavior but at 3 one never knows and I certainly do not want to have him on MY lap during the meal. Also hopefully we are at a table for just the 5 of us!

    At age 15 he will be appalled that "Gran" even had to write about his behavior on a cruise comment board! :^)


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