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    Luci Guest

    What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    I am leaving out of my home port San Pedro/L.A. port. I can pack as must stuff as I want since I am not flying.
    Here are my MUST HAVES: I pack 6bottles of coke, specialty imported tea bags, gallon sized plastic baggies,
    a small clock, masking tape, fake diamond rings and jewelry, one warm sweather because of the air conditioning on the ships, dancing shoes, walking shoes, beach/spa sandals, deck shoes, one long black skirt that goes well with any color of blouse for dinner, pack a small fan with an electrical strip to also recharge cell phones while in ports, and I pack lightweight clothes.
    What special things do you like to pack?

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    Must haves for me other than the typical clothes, sneakers, insulated coffee mugs, sneakers, ash trays, sneakers, small flash light, sneakers, duct tape, sneakers, I guess I should look at my list, sneakers
    twice the money, sneakers,

    a good attitude, ship happens. As long as the food is edible, and the ship doesnt sink, what more can you ask for.

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    The Cruiser Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    Night Light if your booked in a inside cabin. If not, leave the TV on to the deck cam.

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    gsamml Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    Mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit. Thats all I am allowed to pack. I get out the stuff I want to wear and Sue packs the bags. Once it is in the suitcase, if I touch it or add to it, I am in big trouble.

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    Karry Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    Binoculars, extension chord, portable blender for TGIF drinks we bring with us, and I always bring a deck of cards and dice to pull out if we feel like playing some games. And our mini portable fans. Has anyone else found these? Our K-Mart has them in the summer, Bed, Bath and Beyond has them year round. DH found them a few cruises ago and they are WONDERFUL. They take 2 AA batteries and you fill up the container with a little water and ice from the drink buffet. Push the button and the fan turns and a mist of cold water squirts out. Ah.....very refreshing. We have even had deckhands and bartenders come by for a "shot" :)

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    Cindy & Ed Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    Something I have found different from other vacations is that I take special care in packing my carry-on when cruising because you never know when you will get your checked bags. Or first cruise was our honeymoon and we had plane trouble and spent from 7am-5pm traveling. This was the morning after our wedding day. All I wanted to do when we got on the ship was to shower and change clothes. Even though we were able to get into our room right away, they had not finished restocking the bathroom items. Since I had everything packed in my checked luggage, I had nothing. No fresh clothes, no shampoo, not even anything to wash my face. My DH ran all over the ship asking the crew for a little sample of shampoo but they said that they new shipment had not been delivered. We went out exploring anyway, amazing what a few cocktails can do to take away the worries. Our checked bags did not get to our room until 11pm that night.

    So now I make sure to pack a little sample kit and a change of clothes in my carry on. So when we get on board, we can freshen up and start our vacation, no matter what time our bags show up. Also a bathing suit. I figure it is hard enough to find the right bathing suit, so even if my checked bags get lost (god forbid) I would still have a bathing suit that fits. I also do this on the return trip since they take your bags the night before. We totally wasted the last day on our first cruise because we didn't know that you could still go out on deck, get breakfast and sit by the pool. We just packed everything up and figured the trip was over. We sat in the hallway for 3 hours! Big mess, DH was not happy.

    But now we know better. I keep all the essentials in my carry on so that I can enjoy every minute of my vacations, from the time I step onboard, until the time I (sigh) have to step off.

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    Karry Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    Yes, Cindy, you'll learn all these little "tricks of the trade" the more your cruise. You say to yourself, the NEXT time, I will do this lol. We are going on our 17th in 2 weeks and we always have breakfast before we leave. The last "good meal" in a while big sigh. And we are not in any "mad rush" to get off the ship.. We are "ready to go" , but relaxed about disembarking. Takes my DH a while to cut off the handcuffs I bring with me to chain myself to t he ship lol. I bought a really great duffel bag at Lillian Vernon (catalog) a few years ago. It is very roomy and folds completely flat. I always pack that in the suitcase and use it for our last night stuff. We usually fly from winter weather to summer weather, so we do the same thing and pack some shorts, a t-shirt and bathing suit to change into from our sweaters, sweat shirts and winter jackets. Return trip in reverse. I'll wear a t-shirt off the ship and just put the winter clothes in the last night duffle bag. I also always carry a pack of Wash and Drys in my carry on. To sanitize our hands and it is very cooling on your face and neck and arms in a pinch.

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    RosieRosie Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    If you like to snorkel or are planning a beach or water excursion buy one of those underwater disposable cameras. They are a lot cheaper at Wal-Mart and you won't have to worry about leaving an expensive camera lying on the beach. It was great to have one at Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman and Dunns River Falls in Jamaica.

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    PLG Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    I bring one of those collapsable insulated lunch bags and bring on shore some water and a snack, we snorkle a lot and I need to snack and drink to get that nasty salt water out of my mouth. Also a small bad=g to carry thing around the ship, like lotions and a good book to read while sunbathing. Pat

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    L8inAZ Guest

    Re: What MUST HAVE things do you pack for your cruise??

    D/H wallet. I NEVER leave home without it.... :lol


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