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    turkeyman Guest

    New Orleans Port Cam

    The port cam by "krooze cams" is no longer in service. The same camera with the same photo shot can be gotten at

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    jleq1 Guest

    Re: New Orleans Port Cam

    A different webcam, which points to the cruise ship pier from another angle, can be found by choosing "bridgecam" from the following website:

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    John Guest

    Re: New Orleans Port Cam

    I'm alittle biased. Cruise Addicts has its own Cruise Cam Station with all the best ship and port cams.

    Take a look at our menu and NOLA's.

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    turkeyman Guest

    Re: New Orleans Port Cam

    Thanks John, I'll use the Cruise Addicts site. Even though it's the same camera, this one will fit my "favorites" bill better.

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    tricktsm Guest

    Re: New Orleans Port Cam

    Thanks...I always look at the Conquest to countdown till my Sunday


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