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    Cricket Guest

    Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    Throwing a telephone in the face of a hotel worker, because he couldn't get through to his wife at home!! He was joking about it on David Letterman's show. How can he get away with it? We do something like that and see where we end up! It makes me sick to see these high paid entertainers get away with such acts of aggression. That poor worker could have had his eyes damaged or teeth broke, which would affect him for the rest of his life. Money or prestige should not affect the charges put against a person. Laughing about it makes it even worse, because it shows disrespect for the law.

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    Calgon1 Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    And, if the hotel employee had filed charges of assault against Mr. Crowe, would he (the employee) still have his job? I doubt it! As long as we, the public and private businesses, allow "celebrities" to behave as spoiled children, and condone a seperate set of standards, this crap will continue. If anything, a "celebrity" should be held to "a higher standard". That is what makes them a true celebrity (i.e., a person to be celebrated).

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    Erinm Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    That's really sad, not just that he did it, but that he laughed about it on TV after. Just makes me sick!

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    TinaLee Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    He didn't "get away with it" - he got arrested and he'll have to face a judge on the charges. He has already freely admitted that it was... and I quote... "The stupidest thing I ever did" - he lost his temper - it happens - yes, he handled it poorly, but what holds him up to a higher standard than the joe schmoe businessman who treats the hotel staff just as badly??

    Sorry, I think he screwed up and he'll pay for it - but I don't think he thinks he got away with anything.

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    CruiseDiva Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    I'd like to see them pull his visa and see how he likes working back home instead of the US. That's what he's worried about.

    He's a whacko who's punched out a lot of people over the past few years. We don't really need his kind of thug here--we have enough of our own.

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    Lady Jag Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    He has a history of a violent temper. He's not the only celeb that gets special treatment.

    Speaking of "wacko", look at Michael Jackson. Every time he checks himself into the hospital because he's dehydrated, has the flu or just wants another shot of Demoral (sp?), he puts other patients out of their rooms, takes up their doctors' time and has to have a whole hospital section devoted to his care when others are in critical condition.

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    frito Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    First of all, I don't understand the fascination people have with these so called " stars " and why
    they put them up on a pedestal to begin with. Secondly, star or whatever they may be called, if someone threw a phone in my face we would both have to go to the E.R. to get my foot out of his a##.
    If someone beat the hell out of him he would learn better than act like that.

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    CruiseNurse Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    A 2 million dollar scar?

    HE was on the wrong end of Russell Crowe's telephone just a few days ago, but now Nestor Estrada isn't taking the actor's calls.

    The battered concierge from New York's plush Mercer hotel was spotted in public yesterday for the first time since he was allegedly hit by a phone hurled by the Oscar-winning Australian star in an early morning fit of rage on Monday.

    Mr Estrada, accompanied by fiancee Roxane Kramer, broke from talks with his lawyer to show the cut across his right cheek, an injury that could cost Crowe $2.4 million.

    But the 28-year-old Brooklyn hotel worker refused to talk about the confrontation and is also refusing to answer the actor's calls.

    Following his exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph yesterday, Crowe appeared on David Letterman's US talk show saying he tried to call Mr Estrada to apologise in person, but couldn't get through.

    Sending his regrets via Letterman's Late Show, Crowe said: "I would understand right at the moment that Nestor and his family would be under a great deal of pressure and I would like apologise to them directly for that."

    Mr Estrada's lawyer Matthew Blit, declined to comment on the case, but legal experts have said Crowe could expect to make a huge payout.

    Personal injury specialist Michael Gunzburg told London's Sun newspaper: "Mr Crowe will certainly find his problem with the telephone wasn't worth the money."

    Crowe faces a possible jail sentences for assault and possession of a weapon if he is found guilty.

    A New York Police source said: "Mr Estrada is determined to prosecute Mr Crowe for damages for what he says was a frightening incident. And the criminal case will continue."

    Crowe allegedly hurled the phone after he failed to get through to his wife Danielle in Sydney in a 4am phone call.

    He was arrested by New York police and later paraded outside a Manhattan court house in handcuffs.

    Explaining the incident on the Letterman show yesterday, he said he had been "trying to fulfil my basic obligations to my wife, who needs to know that I'm at home, that I'm in bed, that I haven't had too much to drink, and that - primely important - I am alone".

    He added: "These are questions that every wife has the right to have answered every night and that's my duty, and the time difference is really rough.

    "If I miss out on calling her at that time then there's a 20-hour cycle before I can call her again and she's going to be wondering that whole time what I'm doing and who I'm with and I try and respect that."

    Letterman quipped: "Being in prison would probably put her mind at ease."

    Crowe replied: "She knew exactly where I was - you're dead right."

    Crowe told Letterman that the incident occurred after a week of problems with phones at the Soho district hotel.

    "Without getting into the detail, the bottom line is I did something really stupid and I don't wish to ever repeat that again," he said.

    The actor had to endure some light-hearted ribbing from Letterman, who moved his telephone to the other side of the table as Crowe sat down.

    Talking about the possibility of prison, Crowe added: "This is possibly the most shameful situation I've ever got myself in, in my life.

    "And I've done some pretty dumb things in my life so to actually make a new number one is spectacularly bad."

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    Camelia Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    Russell Crowe is my favorite actor, throwing phones or not. And I am sure the hotel worker will milk it for all he can, trying to get a large settlement since Crowe is rich. That's probably the best thing that ever happened to him.

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    Cricket Guest

    Re: Russell Crowe...What an idiot!

    This kind of stupid action will not stop. It wasn't the first and won't be the last. I too think he is one of my favorite actors, but that doesn't give him any right to hurt others because of his anger problems. How many more times will he say "I'm sorry?" I didn't believe he was sorry for his actions, just sorry he got caught. If he is really sorry, he should go get help, not go on a tv show and make himself look like he is sorry. Publicity stunts are a common occurance for actors, and what better way to get free sympathy than on the David Letterman show!


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