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  1. cptguavaberry

    TA Search

    I've been away from posting on this board for some time, but have been in to visit. Okay, I've been in to lurk to see what was going on from time to time. But I know that this group always has great info. If this thread does not meet Cruise Addicts approval, please delete and I apologize. I am...
  2. Century


    Sunrise on the Century
  3. Century


    On board the Century
  4. Century


    On board the Century
  5. Century


    On board the Century
  6. Concierge Class

    Concierge Class

    Concierge Class Stateroom on Celebrity Century
  7. Fortunes Casino

    Fortunes Casino

    Fortunes Casino on Celebrity Century
  8. Pool Bar

    Pool Bar

    Backside view of the pool bar on Celebrity Century
  9. Persian Garden

    Persian Garden

    Persian Garden on Celebrity Century