1. John

    NEW Article: Amazing Eats Aboard Viking Ocean Cruises

    Within moments of our first steps aboard Viking Ocean Cruises, Viking Star, I began to wonder What are we going to eat? Our room wouldn’t be ready until 1 pm, so we were directed to the World Cafe on Deck 7. I scoped out the buffet like the professional that I am. The custom Caesar salad drew...
  2. John

    NEW Article: Why People Are Falling In Love With Viking Ocean Cruises

    Cruise Addicts was recently welcomed on a special four-night cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico, aboard Viking Star, the first ship of Viking Ocean Cruises. We flew from Tampa, Florida, and arrived in New York City on a bright sunny day. As we claimed our baggage and exited, we were greeted by...
  3. John

    Have you ever dreamed of being a traveler and not a tourist?

    Have you ever dreamed of being a traveler who traverses the world? Have you ever wanted to work aboard a ship and be at sea full time, visiting foreign ports? Have you wanted to live a nomadic lifestyle going from place to place... and reaching beyond a tourist experience? Many travel...