1-22 next step, eye radiation



Jan 22 looks like eye radiation is next
Well, my last 2 chemo sessions went as usual, 3 days of insomnia followed, along with some chronic tummy issues, but other than that no major new side effects. My friend Stephanie is visiting me from Idaho and luckily for me she has been able to drive me to all of my appointments and errands because my vision has regressed enough to the point that driving is now very difficult for me. I will definitely need to faithfully practice using that eye patch then it should be no problem. We sure do take our peripheral vision for granted. The ophthalmologist said that I should wait another 2 weeks for the shot he gave me to take full effect in shrinking the fluid leakage in the eye. But in the mean time he will inform my oncologist of my latest progress. I inquired in the oncology radiation department if they do this external beam eye radiation procedure and they do not, so it looks like I get to head up to Stanford, about half an hour north, for this to be done. I have dealt with this excellent hospital before and have full trust in their expertise.

I’m very excited about the expansion going on at my hospital. They have added a whole new wing which will house all oncology departments and even my eye clinic. My next treatment will be in a section that has all infusion chairs facing a lovely courtyard. Even better is the fact that the radiology dept will have all new equipment. The county has closed several of the older local hospitals so has invested well spent money in upgrading this one. We are a county teaching hospital and my primary care doctors are residents from Stanford. I get the very best of care here with fresh young doctors willing to try the latest medical protocol. They are well supervised by the regular doctors, most of which teach at Stanford as well as maintaining their full time medical practice. I love and trust all of my doctors so far. It seems that one of the hiring criteria is compassion and genuine concern for their patients, plus a willingness to confer with other specialists and quickly refer me to any department that is needed for the next diagnostic sequence. They take the time to explain in fine detail any of their procedures and are willing to take the time to answer all of my questions. I fully appreciate the quality of care that I receive.

Stephanie and I have been happily looking through my mementos and treasures. She brought along some great things to share with me as well. Ya know, it seems like when long time dear friends visit it seems like it was just yesterday since we were last together. We normally only get to visit once a year in San Diego for our high school get togethers. We have another 5 year reunion coming up in August. Hopefully I will be able to attend. My chemo schedule is flexible enough to allow for this if it is a short visit. I haven’t been ‘home’ since Mom’s death last March. I can’t wait to see the changes my little sister Sue has made to Mom’s house over the past few months. The family was thrilled that she was able to finally purchase the home that she lived in her entire childhood, fromwhen she first came home from the hospital as a little baby. It was funny when we were cleaning out Mom’s linen closet and we found some baby items along with a few other ancient ‘necessities’. LOL

What’s hanging out in your hall closet that really needs to be re-evaluated??
I’ll tell ya what, when I first came home I sure did a thorough tour of my own medicine chest to update the contents. I’m still on that same sorting and tossing jag. Wonder if I’ll ever feel like my house is in order?? Probably not. One friend says, “Hey, I’m just leaving some surprises for my kids to find when they go through my things. “ I find myself thinking up clever little notes now to attach to some of my things.

OK, I’ve been awake since 4 AM, and it is now 6, time to try to get a few more hours of precious sleep before my busy day begins. Yesterday Steph and I cooked our Thanksgiving turkey dinner (Sam has kept my 18 lb turkey in his freezer all this time cuz I just felt too crummy to cook for those holidays, FYI, I never did get that fudge made, just as well cuz my sugar levels have been through the roof for 3 days following each chemo session ) and today I want to make soup and freeze the leftovers. It seems like a holiday when I have no medical appointments. LOL Next week I only have lab work and a doctor visit, no chemo, but since the infusion department will be closed most of the week due to their big move I will have to go face Dracula and have my blood draw done in the regular lab where they poke around till they find a good vein. OUCH. I sure don’t miss that part.

Hugs, Mariposa


Sorry you are going to have to add more treatments but you sure do have a wonderful attitude! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I vowed this year I am going to get organized. I say that every year though. DD is supposed to move out. I think if she does it will make it easier for me to start tossing out some things. Like your friend, I want to leave some surprises though! LOL

Glad you had a nice turkey dinner. I love turkey soup. Haven't made it in a while but a big steamy bowl sure would hit the spot.

Take care!


Loads of hugs and prayers Mari! Have a wonderful time with your sweet friend! Hugs to you both =hug=hug=hug and know you are always in my prayers!


I admire your great attitude! Glad that things are going so well. Thanks for telling us all the ups & downs of your treatment. Nice that your friend is able to be with you and take you down memory lane.



Hi Mariposa, you sure do have a wonderful attitude about all of your procedures! Don't you feel sometimes that you can tell the 'assistants' what to do and when because of your experience?

You speak of cleaning out closets.......ugh, I have to do that in every room, really I do and I say it every Spring. Have you ever seen the show called "Clean Sweep"? They have a couple of rooms that they tackle and its all a "keep, sell or toss" philosophy. I try to use that now. If I keep the item, have I used it in the last 1-2 years? If not, sell or toss it. Simple as that. The big thing is to take everything out of the room itself and the only way to put it back is if it falls into the 'keep' category. I did this with my son's room a few years ago and it really worked. The stuff that didn't sell was donated to charity and of course the other stuff was tossed. The hard part (like dieting) is sticking with the philosophy........Its not easy, especially for those items that could be rationalized into the "keep" pile.....so, I wish you luck as you go through this task of 'spring cleaning'...........



Ronda, in these last few years you have given me many gifts. You have taught me that I can deal with things I didn't think I could. You have taught me how to help my friends, old and new, who have variations of this disease, and how important it is to just be there for them. You have taught me that I have strengths that I didn't know I had. And you have taught me the important things in life. Thank you for these valuable gifts, my friend. You are priceless.

Prayers always winging their way to you.


Ronda - you continue to be an inspiration to us all. Your attitude is utterly amazing.

I pray that each step of your treatment goes well. God bless,

Mary Ann


Good hearing from you Ronda, and also glad to hear you have such a great crew for your treatments. That surely makes things a bit better, and it sounds like they are the best!

Keep on track, and hope you start feeling better real soon :)

ps....don't you wish they could just draw blood from the Medi-port? Wishful thinking....


Although I hardly ever agree with Globug, I certainly do echo her comments above. We love ya gal.


Nice of you to check in with us, we think of you often. Glad to see that your positive attitude continues and that you are blessed to be receiving such fine medical care. A little compassion goes a long way, doesn't it?? Enjoy yourThanksgiving dinner and the soup to follow. Prayers continue..... Peace.....


Mari my prayers and wishes go out daily for you and your comfort. Your spirit is an inspireation to us all. Hugs and hang in there gal.


You know I love you and you are never far from my thoughts. Keep up your spirit and send some Elliott's way.


Thank you for the update, Mariposa. Thoughts and prayers continue...let me know if you'd like for me to visit the special place I wrote you about.

H2O babe

Mari - you remain in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you are enjoying a visit from a dear friend.


Cruise cutie

HUGH hugs and prayers Ronda..stay strong..and may it get a bit easier each day..:angel..Joanne.


Mariposa =hug You are certainly an inspiration to us all. I wish you only the Best in the coming days, weeks, months. =hug