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1.5 liter wines--tacky?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by mercyc, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. mercyc

    mercyc Guest

    Would it be tacky to bring a larger bottle, say a 1.5 liter, onboard for dining? I'm a little embarrassed to even ask! But the $12 corkage fee seems so steep, and we'd like to save our money for other things, like fancy coffees and cute drinks with umbrellas!
    Thanks for your advice. (I've learned so much from everyone already by reading previous posts...)
  2. joanpav

    joanpav Guest

    It`s your dime and your vacation do what you want. Life`s too short to worry about snobs. I`m assuming a litre will last you 2 days so it cuts your corkage fees in half.
    Tacky is drinking it out of the bottle!
  3. I agree and never even thought about that. You would save a few bucks. Go for it. If others think you are tacky, so be it!

  4. Barry

    Barry Guest

    2 days?? :lol ;)
  5. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    I was on the Mercury three weeks ago. Prior to Christmas a table mate went to Costco and bought HUGE bottles of wine and champagne. I/m talking twice the size of a Magnum and 3 litre bottles. He shared it with the whole table. It took two hands pour the stuff. The wine steward was more than happy to open the bottle and just charged the corkage fee. He tipped well though the last day.

    So how did he get them all on board? He said he bought an old suitcase at a garage sale and filled it with the wine, packed the wine carefully, and carried it on board. Then he just threw away the old suitcase.
  6. Brahmama

    Brahmama Guest

    What a neat idea! I especially like the fact that it was big enough to share with the whole table. Usually one regular size bottle will barely be enough for 6 to have a medium glass of wine. As long as you tip well for the service, I imagine the wine steward will be pleased to pour! I've only had a couple that were snobby about wine - the rest have been a lot of fun.
  7. That's too cool of a story and too special. Good for him. Next cruise we will try the same. LOL Nita
  8. Tacky would be bringing a bottle of 'Blush' with a straw and umbrella
  9. Nope, a bottle of blush with a straw would not be tacky.
    How big are those boxes of wine? You know what I mean. The great big boxes with a silvery bag inside filled with wine and having an integral tap for dispensing each drink. Man, they must bne enough for eight people for a week. As far as I know, they are available in all of the neat colors: pink, purple, red, yellow, straw, etc.
    Can they charge a corkage fee if there is no cork in the container. Don't get mad at me! I am just asking a question.
  10. robertlew

    robertlew Guest

    I took 2 of them on the Millie last week and there was no problem. And yes, it saves on the corkage charge.
  11. mercyc

    mercyc Guest

    Thanks to everyone for your fun, helpful replies! If the people on this board are any indication, the cruise should be loaded with delightful people that I'll enjoy meeting.

    Happy cruising!
  12. cruisequeen

    cruisequeen Guest

    I love all this. We'va always smuggle wine on board but having never sailed Celebrity we weren't sure about doing it this time. Now I will!
  13. tuggers

    tuggers Guest

    The only thing tacky would be not to have any wine to drink!
  14. BP

    BP Guest

    After all you spend on a cruise you are worried about a $12 corkage fee.?
  15. tuggers

    tuggers Guest

    I'm considering taking some Shira this trip because the wine list only has 2 types, a Greg Norman and something else. I tried both and while neither was bad, neither was worth the $31 and $33 plus 15%.
    I could take a good bottle, pay the $12 corkage, tip extra and break about even but have a far better selection of wine. I wonder if they would think this is strange if a single woman did it?
    I'm hoping they will upgrade the wine list along with the menu change everyone is talking about.
  16. BP

    BP Guest

    I would consider it a single lady with great taste.

    They will not upgrade the wine list. We always bring our own and pay the corkage. You can always buy more at most ports if you don't want to carry too many bottles from home.
  17. allset

    allset Guest

    you mentioned buying wine in ports....won't the cruise ship then hold the wine till your cruise is over? How would you get around this, so that you can still enjoy the wine during your next dinner on the cruise ship?
    like everyone else, just a question , to someone who obviously knows the ropes!
  18. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    wine is ok to bring aboard anytime.
    Just expect to pay corkage in the dining room.
    Thats what this thread is all about. Saving the corkage fee or ??? being just tacky with a box of designer wine. Wine is fine. Liquor is quicker ...but..sometimes they will take IT away from you. :)
  19. allset

    allset Guest

    one more question....if you order a bottle of wine in the main dining room, do they have a house special, and does anyone know the cost on this?
  20. tuggers

    tuggers Guest

    I never saw any wine specials while I was on the Horizon in October

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