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10-23 Zaandam cruise

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by jimlinalf, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    We just got off the ship yesterday and are back in the real world and wanted to post a couple of comments before I get a review posted on the review forum.

    Formal night attire was not enforced. Quite a lot of younger people showed up with a sport shirt. Some did manage to wear a sweater. By younger I mean usually men in their 20's or early 30's. Seemed that the men were making the un-fashion statement. There were several older gents my age in their 50's and 60's that needed to wear red sport coats and red ties on formal night. The women all looked great and a lot did not wear gowns or fancy dresses. Just tastful outfits which were very nice. On other nights there were even shorts and sometimes collarless shirts in the dining room. Most men on formal night wore dark suits.

    Photographers found a need to stand in the gangway at Half Moon Cay and stop the line of people to take pictures that the people obviously were not interested in having taken. But the staff was adamant that you had to stop while they shot the picture. There was only one gangway and it was narrow. Add the senior citizen factor to walking up this gangway and you could imagine the backup at times.

    The cruise was fantastic. The staff knows how to pamper and treat its customers and make them want to return. A review will be added later in the proper spot.

  2. ginnylou

    ginnylou Guest

    Thank you for the information, will be taking this ship on the 6th.
  3. Popdog

    Popdog Guest

    Thanks for the info. We will be sailing on Nov. 6th. Hope to read your review before we go.
    Not to open the perverbial "can of worms" but...I'm a bit disapointed about the formal nights. We really enjoy dressing up and seeing everybody else dressed up too. Oh well you did say "most men" wore jackets and ties.
  4. DJP

    DJP Guest

    Thanks so much for your post.....DH and I will be sailing on the Zaandam on Nov. 20th and we can't wait! I hope to read your review before then. Glad you had a great time.

    I find the whole picture taking thing on cruises very annoying and intrusive. We take our own pictures and have never done the formal portrait sittings, although being available for others is a nice idea. The ship's photographer running around the ship is a very old fashioned custom that has long since outlived its usefulness. I especially dislike the one taken as you board the ship....we just want to get to our cabin and know we will never buy the photo, so why bother us?
  5. ginnylou

    ginnylou Guest

    I am planning on bringing my formal outfit as well as cocktail dress Popdog hope you and yours still plan to dress up. I am going to be with a Christian Singles Group and will be attending some classes while at sea but I hope we can meet. The group has the late seating lower dining room. Hope to hear from you.
  6. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    The only time I thought the photograhers were out of place was on Half Moon Cay at the gangway. During the dinner hour they were very unobtrusive in how they got their pictures. They were very polite in how they asked us to pose. We did eventually have a picture taken at the area with the full moon and stars backdrop.

    On both formal nights it appeared that men paid less attention to the dress requirement, and again they seemed to be the younger set which was probably in the late 20's to early 30's. Majority of men wore suits or tuxs and the ladies looked great.

    Will work on a review by this weekend.

    ps. If I could recommend Oliver in the crows nest lounge, he's a terrific and friendly bartender. He switches from the Ocean lounge for the next month. Always accomodating on our sodas when we showed our sticker.
  7. Barry

    Barry Guest

    Jim>>you didn't happen to notice a couple of 40 somethings hanging out in the crows nest up top b4 830 dinner at the bar did ya? One a blonde another a bald guy?? Kinda Loud but cute in his way??? :)

    or maybe dolphin bar midday ?hmm?
  8. Cruzin Carol

    Cruzin Carol Guest

    Hey Bear aren't you a little young for HAL???? :)
  9. Keith & Rita

    Keith & Rita Guest


    What is the name of the group/band that's playing in the Ocean Bar, and what type of music do they perform?
  10. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    The Ocean bar ban was a trio, Lady singer, drums and keyboards/piano. Sang blues/jazz type music and any request you might have. Wish I could be more specific. The major entertainment group was a set of about 8 dancers/singers that do a production of broadway songs with dance. Great voices on the lead singers.

  11. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    It's too bad that they are letting people come into the dining room on formal nights not in formal attire. Thought they had the buffet for folks who did not want to be bothered dressing for dinner.....oh well.

    As far as the shorts in the dining room - unaceptable and this should be stopped. I can't remember which cruise we were on but my husband went to dinner in the clothes that he wore to the ship (this was the first night and he had on shorts) and he was asked to go change. That was a few years ago but I do wish they would do this on all the ships.

    What do you think :?
  12. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    My wife and I made it a point to bring the proper clothes for formal night. Nothing real fancy, just a nice outfit for her and a dark suit for me, nothing expensive. We wanted to feel comfortable and not spoil the evening for anyone else. I feel like HAL makes a good attempt to provide a nice meal at the Lido for folks that want to be a bit more casual.


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