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10-day Mexican Riviera

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by balanceok, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. balanceok

    balanceok Guest

    We are booked for a 10-day Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Sun Princess on September 27th. Anybody else on this cruise?

    This will be our first time to the Pacific side of Mexico. We would welcome any tips or information.

  2. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Sun Princess is a great ship! We have sailed on her and her sister Sea Princess. I love the size! Not too enormous but large enough to have everything you could possibly want.

    The Mexican Riviera is great fun! I have done it twice. You will find that the atmosphere is quite different from a Caribbean cruise. Seems a little more informal somehow.

    I highly recommend taking a tour that gets you out of Mazatlan and up into the Sierra Madres. We enjoyed our tour to the small villages in this area better than any other tour we did. I really felt we experienced the culture and people of Mexico on this tour.

    In Acapulco, hire a cab for the day and have the driver take you where you want to go at your own pace. Our driver even took us back to the ship at lunch time and waited for us while we ate our lunch and had a bit of a rest! He was great.

    Have a great time and enjoy your cruise!
  3. Ron

    Ron Guest

    We have booked the Sun Dec 6 cruise. WE have done the cruise before on the Royal Princess. Its a good trip - saw whales in Cabo, Cliff divers in Acalpuco. Lots of fun, but any cruise on Princess is lotsa fun.

    Ron & Connie
  4. Donnajo

    Donnajo Guest

    We are doing the ten day on the Sun next April. Please post a review and let us know how you liked it! Heard great things about this ship and am so looking forward to the trip.
    Happy Sailing,

  5. Ron

    Ron Guest

    You will like the Sun. Have been on it 4 times and it is still a great ship. Looks like your first Princess - You will love it.
  6. We are on that sailing too. Pretty familiar with Mexico as we live in So Cal. I'll post a review when we return if any one is interested.

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