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$100 Shipboard credit

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by muktukmary1, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. muktukmary1

    muktukmary1 Guest

    Just got a $100 per passenger shipboard credit from my travel agent! I called after reading about it on this board (promo #7031) and sure enough it went right through for the Oct. 31 sailing on the Maasdam. Awesome!
  2. runner15km

    runner15km Guest

    That's good news. Enjoy that extra cash.
  3. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    What is that credit associated with? Is it available for anyone?
  4. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Promo #7035 is the shipboard credit for AAA members. The discount varies depending on the sailing and stateroom category selection. For my particular sailing either promo was $100 per cabin.

    Mary - head on over to HAL Cruise Addicts Onboard Roll Call thread. There is a group of cruise@ddicts on this sailing. We would love for you to join us as we talk about our upcoming cruise. Maasdam Roll call

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  5. muktukmary1

    muktukmary1 Guest

    As far as I know promo #7031 was for cruises 10 days or more. We are in a category "S" suite, but I don't think this promotion was tied to that. We got $100 per person.


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  6. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    Is the AAA credit for AAA members (such as discounts at Walt Disney World) or for those who booked through AAA Travel?
  7. muktukmary1

    muktukmary1 Guest

    Looks like promo #7035 is for AAA membership but promo #7031 is for cruises 10 days or longer. You should have no trouble getting the credit through your travel agent no matter how you booked the cruise.

  8. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Mary is correct. Either promo can be used regardless of TA selected.

    Promo #7035 is the standard AAA one printed on their HAL books (says up to $150pp). It is not tied to #7031. However, when I called about both #7031 & #7035 for my sailing it was the same discount. Shipboard credit varies by cabin category - the suites receive a larger shipboard credit. I used #7031 and we received $100 per cabin for an I inside.

    If you call HAL they will tell you what sailings these promo's can be applied for.
  9. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    The AAA credit seems to be for those who booked the trip with AAA. Although a member, I did not qualify for this promotion as I booked directly with Holland America.
  10. Ritzjon

    Ritzjon Guest

    We got a $50 per guest credit when we told HAL (when we booked) that it was our 25th anniversary...it came in handy...we went over our budget!!! Great Trip on the "Z"..
  11. nu2cruisin

    nu2cruisin Guest

    Thanks for the info and tip! I called my TA and we got a $100 credit for our cabin.
  12. muktukmary1

    muktukmary1 Guest


    So great you were able to take advantage of the credit also! Hate for someone not to know about it. I found out about it on these boards myself, so I really appreciate that!

    Anchorage, Alaska
  13. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    nu2cruisin: Which promo did you receive? The origional one mentioned for $100 for 10+ days sailing?
  14. nu2cruisin

    nu2cruisin Guest

    No, I didn't get the larger one. I was able to take advantage of promo #7031 for $50/pp, so together we get $100.

    We are only sailing for 7 days and my TA said we couldn't use the 7035. If it helps, I didn't book my cruise through AAA either, but instead went thru Cruise Masters.
  15. Golfgrl1911

    Golfgrl1911 Guest

    Hello fellow cruisers!!
    I am sailing on the Zuiderdam Sept. 25. Was skimming your conversations and caught wind of the Promo's. Just got off the phone w/ my TA @ CruiseValueCenter.com (who got me a dynamite rate by the way) and she got me a $100.00 shipboard credit for my 5071 BA cabin!!! Thanks a Million!!!!!!! She did it w/ the 7031 Promo.....although I am an AAA member she said that the 7035 Promo had to be booked THROUGH AAA travel...Good luck everyone and happy sailing!!
  16. Srpilo

    Srpilo Guest

    I too saw this thread , and e-mailed my on-line T/A yesterday about promo #7031, and this afternoon recieved a confirmation of my $100.00 onboard credit for my Zuiderdam 9/11/04 cruise..

    Wow..Thanks everyone!!

  17. Kimberly

    Kimberly Guest

    I also received $100 in shipboard credit. I called my travel agent and mentioned the promo numbers and she checked it out for me. We will be having a few more bottles of wine !!!!
  18. freddieboy

    freddieboy Guest

    Many thanks for the info ( as I didn't know from a friend of mine) see you then!!
  19. ecoxwhite

    ecoxwhite Guest

    Everyone seems to get this but me. Tried today. Sailing 12/26 on Volendam (10 days). Called my TA & also spoke with HA. Said my cost of the cruise was too low so this didn't apply. Ugh!! Could have used the extra $$'s.
  20. ualtim

    ualtim Guest

    I have used this twice in the past week (Promo 7031). Got it for our 9/25 Zuiderdam which had already been booked, and just got for our 1/29 Veendam that I booked today. $200 the easy way thanks to all of you fine individuals on this board. Thank you!!!

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