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14 day Hawaii Cruise on SUMMIT



We are planning a winter Holiday Cruise on this ship. Several years ago I was on the Infinity for an 11 day Mex. to Honolulu cruise and they had a flat rate for the cruise was and fold service.

This was not the stuff a bag promotion. Do they offer anything like this any longer? I am not at the level to get free service.

I just don't know how to pack for this holiday cruise, and I know they don't have self service laundries. We normally send our tuxedo shirts out and maybe have the pants pressed. I do not want to spend my day in Honolulu taking a cab to a laundramat.


I used the service last week. I don't think there was a flat rate (for a bag) but the dry cleaning and the landry I did was most reasonable. Pressed wife's suit and drycleaned a Man's blazer and trousers (messed up on plane) Next day service under $13.00


I received on the next to last day a "fill your bag" offer for $25, I believe. Well worth it.