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14 Day S.Carb. - How many formal nights

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by monty, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. monty

    monty Guest

    Nov. 26, 2005 Veendam cruise. I know its a little early but we were wondering how many formal nights there might be. We will have to wait a little closer to the date to make sure we have the right sizes, but we want to plan for it.
  2. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    i just came back from a 10 days cruise on the volendam, there was 2 formal nights
    I would guess with 14 days, there would be 3 formals night. hope you enjoy your cruise
  3. cjb

    cjb Guest

    Had to laugh when I glanced at the subject of this post, "14-Day S. Carb", as I have been no-carb dieting, and the phrase sure jumped out at me!

    BTW......forget the diet on the ship!
  4. sage

    sage Guest


    Will be joining you on the same sailing, and I too have been wondering the same question. I also believe that it is never too early to be excited about a cruise or to plan. Perhaps ShipMaven or Sail7Seas will come to our aid.
  5. monty

    monty Guest

    Carol my wife does have us on that diet plan, its working for her, but I'm a little thicker around the middle and it looks like it will take longer for me. I hoping though to have to buy some new clothes. You can see by the date of the cruise we have lots of time to work on it. (darn it) Hold the salad, I'll be there soon!!!
  6. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I would say four.

    Seven day cruises always have 2 formal nights.
    Ten day cruises always have 3 formal nights. (I saw the above post and wonder if the poster may be mistaken or if it was a rare exception.)
    The last time we cruised 13 nights we had four formal nights and I think you will, as well.

    We looked at that cruise and seriously considered booking it or the 12 day January 3 sailing. Both are very nice itineraries IMO

    I'm sure you'll have a great time.
  7. sage

    sage Guest

    Thanks Sail&Seas. I knew you would have the correct information. We saw this 14 day sailing offered before, but by the time I called, the S suites were already sold out. So we jumped on it this time when I saw the posting. Perhaps you will be able to join us; it looks like it will be fun, and I will get to put faces with so many names.
  8. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Sage....My TA told me the same thing. All the "S" are spoken for. We MIGHT put our name on a DEPOSITED waitlist for an "S". Often a cabin clears by the time final payment is due if not before. If we place a deposit on the waitlist, I think those who put down real money go to the top of the list as they consider you more seriously interested?? Dont know how many waitlist names may be ahead of us??

    I'd be delighted at the opportunity to meet you and the others.

    We shall see; it might work out in the end??

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