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15% tip

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by jim vegas, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest

    For some reason it ticks me off that i have to give a 15% tip to the bartender just so he can open a can of beer for me.

    I know,the staff should get a tip to come over to your table and serve you but somehow sitting at the bar is not the same thing.

    There really isn't a good answer but i think because of all the cheap skates out there we the tippers have to go along with the better policy.

  2. peaches

    peaches Guest

    Enjoyed your post! Sorry, but IMO it is the same thing whether you are at a table or choose to sit at the bar. In both cases you order your beer or drink and you are served. Your last line was wonderful- you are complaining and are ticked off about tipping the bartender, yet refer to yourself as one of the 'tippers' and OTHER people are cheap skates. Too funny!
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    If you sit at a bar at home and order a beer, the bartender opens the can the same as the bartender on a ship. Don't you tip the bartender at home when you pay your tab? What is the distinction?

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  4. hbogart

    hbogart Guest

    Well, I agree with you, but yeah I usually tip a "little something" in the tip jar, even for a bartender...but not 15%. I might have a few beers/drinks and put a buck in the jar or maybe not...just depends on how personable bartender was or what they did for me...snacks, etc...
  5. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest

    i normally tip 10% if i order a beer at a bar, i just think if HAL like the other cruise lines start putting the automatic tip on your final bill that the help just won't give a darn if they work hard or not, they are still getting their tip.

    I know that you can probably go to the office and tell them you want the tip removed but i think that most people will not do that for whatever reason.

  6. peaches

    peaches Guest

    From what posters who have inquired of HAL about tipping, the automatic 15% to be put on bar tabs will NOT be optional. It will just be added to your tab and that is the total amount that you will be charged on your account.

    I find it quite insulting to the crew to say that bar service will go downhill because the servers are assured of a tip. Will they really risk their job under the new policy because they worked so hard for your 'generous' 10% tip of 30 cents or so and now know they are certain to get $.45? Please.

    It amazes me that people will spend thousands on a cruise and penny-pinch over giving the servers, who make the cruise so enjoyable, a decent tip. My husband would never order drinks, even soft drinks, at a ship bar and not leave a buck or 2.
  7. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest


    Wait and see.

  8. Wirona

    Wirona Guest

    It is my opinion that a tip is a voluntary gift of money for services. If the service is good, the tip will be good. If the service is poor, the tip will be poor. If the service is exceptional, the tip will be exceptional, ie. above 15%. I would like think I have some discretion in determining the tip based upon the level of service I receive. The main thing that HAL is known for is exceptional service. Why lower the bar? It reminds me of the "pass/fail" grading system. Where is the incentive to get an "A"???? I, for one, am dissapointed in Hal's decision. Allowing the passenger to determine the amount of tip they give, gives incentive to get an "A" in service, not just "pass".

    However, I am still looking forward to my 16 day Panama Canal Cruise on Statendam in February.

  9. lamayboy

    lamayboy Guest

    We are tippers. Dollar per drink at bar, more in dining rooms (usually 5 to 10 per night depending on what was ordered). However, I KNOW that I have sat at many bars on HAL and have seen VERY few people tip the bar tenders. SO, why would their service go down if they now know that they will get a tip? If they were getting so few before, why would it matter if they get it for sure now? I know it takes a little riddle work to figure out what I am saying but it does make sense that on HAL the service might actually become better?(if that is possible) Anyhow I am totally against the auto tip thing, but wanted to share my thoughts on the service thing anyway.
  10. rocks

    rocks Guest

    I agree with you 100

    Hi Peaches,
    I agree with you 100% - it is terrible to think that HA's WONDERFUL Crew will suddenly change their GREAT service!
    And anyone who drinks at a bar - beer included!- should leave a tip to the bartender ! When you order drinks while eating diner, you tip 15-20% for the total bill. Waiters & bartenders make very little money and depend on tips - here in the US & on cruise ships!
    Adding 15 % to all bar bills - beer, soda & whatever - so that their Crew doesn't get cheated out of their hard earned money is the BEST thing HA has done! ...rocks

  11. peaches

    peaches Guest


    What shocks me is how quickly on these HAL boards the Indonesion/Filipino crew went from 'sweet wonderful friends who only want to serve me', 'we are so close they are like my brother', 'the crew are my personal friends who I correspond with after I get home', 'they serve with their wonderful smiles w/out a thought in the world of a tip'


    'service will go down to nothing because they are assured of their tip', 'the end of HAL service as we knew it', 'why should they give good service when they know I have to tip', etc.

    Those personal 'friendships' sure didn't last long. LOL.
  12. gaffer

    gaffer Guest

    We can still leave an extra buck or two even with the 15% added. When I have a beer or two on the Lido I hand a $ bill when I sign the tab and I will continue to do that. 15% of a Grolsch beer is .75 at $4.95 a pop, I would have given at least $1.00 likely $2.00 if I ran a tab. I'm in favor of the change for bar bills only. I will still do the envelope thing with a thank you card for all other tip recipients at the end of the cruise. Cheers!
  13. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    I'm still trying to understand why a person should betipped for something as basic as opening a bottle of beer,which seems to be part of buying it, should be tipped. I also feel the same way about ordering a can of soda. I would much rather have it handed to me and open it myself and save the tipping fee.

  14. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest


    My point exactly.

  15. Jim and Jim

    Main Entry: gra·tu·ity
    Pronunciation: gr&-'tü-&-tE, -'tyü-
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural -ities
    Date: 1540
    : something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service; especially : TIP

    I think this says it all.

  16. peaches

    peaches Guest

    The jim's are the reason HAL had to resort to the new policy. Opening your beer is not the reason you should tip. Your bartender provides the whole package for your enjoyment- w/out him there would be no one to get your beer, no one to stock the bar for you and keep it clean and neat, and no one to assure this lounge was there for you and the rest of the pax to enjoy. We'd all be sitting in our cabins mixing our own drinks or opening the beers we had to lug onto the ship . In your initial post jim #1 you mentioned cheapskates? Look in the mirror.
  17. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    sorry but i don't think a tip is deserved if I am sitting at a bar and someone opens a beer for me.If they deliver it to my table yes, if they do something to deserve it yes, but not part of the job of giving me a beer. I do tip when someone earns it, but not just out of obligation, and always morethan the going rate or percent. Maybe it's people like that get guilted into giving their money away because they feel they have to makes it difficult for the rest of us.

  18. peaches

    peaches Guest

    I see that you are going on your first cruise. Maybe you will feel differently upon your return after you experience the very friendly bar servers on HAL:- most of them will remember what you drink after serving you once (which may or may not be tip-worthy?). The resort atmosphere in the lounges is really very nice. What ship are you cruising on if you don't mind me asking? On HAL you can bring your own booze on all the ship sso you may not even have to confront the tipping question.
  19. rocks

    rocks Guest

    Don't think you are going to get anyplace with these 'Jims', Peaches. And you are right, this is exactly why HA had to change their policy!
    If I was a friend of Jim & went to a party at his house & he opened a can of beer or soda for me I wouldn't leave a tip (personal setting)...but if went to the bar where Jim worked as a bartender & he did the same thing, I FOR SURE would leave him a tip. (business setting) Bet he would feel different about tipping if he were a bartender!
    Wonder if he gets those yummy appetizers AND a can of beer if he will 'get it'?
  20. lamayboy

    lamayboy Guest

    It is like that progressive insurance commercial where the first guy says he is an excellent tipper, and the waitress asks, Oh how much and he proudly says 10%!!! I totally laughed. I have no recollection of tipping anyone 10% anywhere!! We usually start at about 35% and work our way down to bottom out at fifteen as the service provides, and we are NEVER whiners. A tip is not in addition to salary. I know I used to work bars and wait tables. In most establishments, they pay you less ( if the minimum wage is $5.50, they pay you $2.80, and that IS legal), in anticipation that you will make up the rest in TIPS. So for you "cheapskates" who do not understand....... Stay home! (that will save you alot of money) I just love all the debate over this!

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