15% tip


joe quinn

My only concern with the new tipping policy is this. How do i know that the tip goes to the person i wish it too and if i wish to tip extra to a certain person how do i know he (she) gets it? Maybe they plan to just split the tip among the crew but if this is the case why not just raise the price of the cruise? Or will the tip money just go to HAL?

joe quinn


You have asked the question we are all asking. But suffice to say that I for sure believe that HAL would not keep any portion of the tip. If they did that and it were to get out, it would be horrendous.

What we are sure of is that even though HAL has not made it clear about how the tips to cabin stewards and waiters will be handled through your on board account, you can definitely make sure the right person gets your tip by having the tip removed from your on board account and tipping the person directly as we all do now.