1st chemo went great, & I'm still high LOL



Good morning, been up since 6 AM. I spent from 1PM to 7:30 Pm at the hospital yesterday. Doc decided he needed labs after all so that was a 2 1/2 hr delay. Once they began the whole process about 3:30 I just sat there counting my blessings that I have my brand new port hole, no more chasing those slithery scarred arm veins any more. Soo cool. very little injection pain, just like a shot. One of the pre chemo 'cocktails' they gave me was a drug called Dexamethason, a glucocorticosteroid. I swear it had real Meth in it cuz it made me soo high. Felt great the whole time, and well into the night. Then I slept like a baby. No upset tummy at all. Praise God!!! BUT, get this, that meth stuff I also had to take the night before the chemo and it caused yesterday's AM glucose levels to spike to 198 (my norm is around 90 to 100). OMG, I almost panicked. I immediately thought of Elliott and 2Tall and their own experiences with the steroids. Soon as I walked into the infusion lab I asked about it, YEP, spiked glucose levels is one of the common side effects, along with wanting to eat like a pig. , so I can expect this every week. Some folks see readings of up to 300. Should level out in a few days. Hope so, will monitor closely. Sure is tough to keep my carbs low when I know that is what will help keep my tummy feeling nice. It was down to 175 this AM. It looks like my chemo schedule will be every Friday for who knows, maybe 12 weeks. This month (or the 1st cycle) will only be Taxal, and next month they will add Avistan every other week. this is the one that could play havock with my blood pressure. I borrowed a digital monitor, now just need to learn how to use.

Thought you would like to rejoice with me over the super experience this first session was. We'll see when and if the rotten tummy thing kicks in within a couple days or not. Hopefully the compazine will do the trick, when, and if I need it.

OK, now I'm ready for a morning nap! LOL
Hugs, Mariposa


Good to hear that the first treatment went well. How many do you need to get? Have a good rest.



I'm so glad the treatment went well. I hope you are one who never has the unpleasant side effects.

Don't know if you would like a bit of advice but if you are trying to keep your carbs low but feel hungry eat something with fat. It won't up your carbs but helps you feel full. I have been low carbing since 2004. I don't know if you are on any dietary restrictions but cheese is a great snack and if you have a sweet tooth I can share many low carb sweet recipes with you. Many I make up and just grab a spoonful here and there to satisfy the urge as it comes along.

Thanks for the update. (((HUGS)))

connie seabee

Glad that this frist treatment went well. Hopefully the rest will too. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way.


Mari...my sweet butterfly....I am so pleased that your first treatment was not horrific and I pray that every single one of them go as well as this one has! You are daily in my thoughts and prayers. =hug=hug=hug


Mari - I'm relieved the first treatment went well, and your spirits are "high". May all continue to go well for you

Hugs and prayers,

Mary Ann


Mari, sounds like it was a good first round for you. Wish you didn't have to do it at all, but as long as you do, good thing it went this well.

I understand about the cortisone. They give it to me for my breathing and pain, and let me tell you, I could go push over buildings when I have that in me. Makes me feel like a teenager again. But, the sugar side effects are horrendous. Mine usually goes into the 300s and stays there for a week or so, meaning doubling my shots. Then, when it comes down, I bottom out and have low blood sugar for several days. And then there is the after cortisone crash, which for me is awful.

Hope it all goes well for you, and here's to no stomach issues. Hugs, ccl


Mari, I am glad to hear you are off to a good start...hang in and my thoughts and prayers continue.

H2O babe

The first one is over! My hope for you is that the nausea is non-existant. You have enough to contend with without that. Rest and read, if you can.