1st Cruise...Alaska...Amsterdam!



I just booked a cruise for my wife & I on the Amsterdam to Alaska next July 2003 from Seattle, we are 30 and this will be our first cruise. I don't know if I can keep it secret til Xmas!!!!

I've spent countless hours reading various reviews and bulletin boards....but, here goes it:

1. During the day on the Amsterdam, are nice shorts & shirts acceptable dress?

2. Will slacks and sports coat cut it for formal nights? Not real big on the formal wear!

Any specific info on the whale watching excursions in Juneau, this will be a highlight for my wife and want to be sure to book the best!




Oh yeah, we have a Deluxe Veranda Suite on the navigation deck! Anyone on here been in these rooms on the Amsterdam? What to expect?


During the day, Shorts and Shirts and fine.

If you just can't bring yourself to do a tux, dark suit, or coat and tie will make it.

Capt Larry in Juneau for the whale watch,,, GREAT...book it ahead,, not through the ship, if you want to wait until Sitka, the sea otter & Marine isn't too bad..not as good as capt larry's though.

You will like your suite, you will be very well pampered,,,,, :)


Yes Bruce you made me think about your reply I am still not sure about your last yes as to what it pertains to. Anyway, I agree with your dress attire. Ties or a tux are necessary for the formal nights sports coat and slacks for the informal and nice dress shirt and slacks for the casual. Unless your eating in the Lido dining room.


Re: clock check!

We're on the Amsterdam September 7 in a PH. We're really looking forward to it. Our docs have been in a couple of weeks and we're starting to really get ready. We'll be flying in early and going to Victoria for several days before the cruise. We really like it there so decided to go back.


Re: clock check!

Doug44, try the formal wear. When will you ever get such an opportunity to impress your partner. I don't care to dress up, but I have bought my own tux and I enjoy it because it makes my spouse happy plus she dresses up.

All the cruise lines give exact examples of what is appropriate for each type of dinning night. On all, formal night is a dark suite and tie or tux for men.

Docker pants or shorts with a polo shirt or good tee shirt is always acceptable during the day and in the dinning rooms for breakfast and lunch.

One other thought on the dress up thing. If you really don't want to follow the guidelines, then I would recommend going with NCL. They have the personal choice dining and their dress code is all resort casual which is docker slacks and a collared shirt.

You will have a great cruise on HAL or any of the other lines. Welcome and enjoy your first cruise next year.