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1st time cruise on Zuiderdam

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by charliec, May 13, 2003.

  1. charliec

    charliec Guest


    More pictures would be fantastic. It does look like the overhang covers the majority if not the whole of the verandah. I hope you enjoy your cruise.

  2. csj

    csj Guest

    do you think that cabin 6056 is a good choice? Also, does anyone have a suggestion for the best snorkeling on the Eastern Carib.? Thanks
  3. gwesq

    gwesq Guest

    You mentioned that Cabin 6083 was not good because of the elevators. We are in 7083. It looks Close, but not adjacent to, the elevators. Do you happen to know if this will be a problem for privacy on balcony?

    Anyone else on with us on Aug. 2?

  4. peaches

    peaches Guest

    The only starboard and port verandahs that would have a privacy problem re the glass elevators are the cabins directly adjacent to the midship glass elevators. Elevator riders can look directly onto to those 4 verandahs. 7083 is a long from there, so you are fine. Enjoy your suite!
  5. ashuma

    ashuma Guest

    I agree with S7S. I would have booked on the Rotterdam deck nearer to the Neptune Lounge. If you know HAL, they used to have their Cat S suites right below the Lido deck (ala Amsterdam and Rotterdam) and now most of them plus the Neptune Lounge are two decks below the Lido deck. Good move. We were in the Amsterdam Penthouse and had much noise of chairs and things rolling around on the Lido deck. We are sailing on the Zuiderdam and will be in 7060 -- right by the Neptune Lounge. To us a perfect location as there is no noise problem from the Neptune, but a lot of pluses being so close.

    RANDOLPH Guest

    Go for the aft "S" suites. Those large aft wrap-around balconies
    are great for making love in broad daylight in full view of all who
    wish to watch (and they wonder where all the vibration comes
    from). For those who like to just relax in the sun, good for that too.

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