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1st Time Cruiser - NCL Dawn 01/12/06 , We are EXCITED

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by ben803, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. ben803

    ben803 Guest

    Hi everybody,

    I am new to this board and I am new to cruising. Any helpful advice will definitely be appreciated. My wife and I are planning to dock the norwegian DAWN for 10 nights heading to Eastern Caribbean from New York City.

    Being a resident of the big apple, this is great.

    I was thinking of bringing 2 bottles of hard liquor by packing it in my suitcase. Does anybody know if they will confiscate my alcohol?

    This looks like a fun board and I am hoping to learn from all of you about cruising.

    = )
  2. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Yes, the NCL booze cops will confiscate liquor if they catch it while x-raying your luggage.
    A helpful hint to fool the booze cops, pour your hard liquor into a different shaped bottle.

    Some good news, they will return any confiscated liquor on your last day aboard,
  3. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    To add:
    As for cruise tips, here's a few I suggest to rookie cruisers.
    1) Expect the unexpected, no cruise is perfect.
    2) Carry a pair of binoculars. Almost everything in sight of the ship worth your close attention is too far way to be appreciated.
    3) Pack some bug spray with Deet. You're not in NYC anymore, and mosquitoes thrive year round in the Caribbean.
    4) Don't pack anything you really don't need or can buy cheaply on the ship or ashore. Packing light has many rewards.
    5) If you're planning to dine at one of the speciality restaurants, reserve your table early, preferrably upon boarding the ship.
    6) Buy cruise insurance. Medical bils in foreign lands can be very expensive. If you miss your ship due to illness, the insurance will not only help pay your medical bills, but will help pay alternative transportation back to your hometown.
    7) Get to know your Room Stewards, they can make or break a cruise. Remember they are not your slaves for the duration. Treat them with respect, and they will bend over backwards to satisfy your needs.
    8) If you're planning to sunbathe by the pool, pack some sunscreen. Sunscreens aboard ship are not cheap.
    9) Shore excursions often are cheaper if you arrange them yourself. The ship almost always takes a cut on everything they sell.
    10) Room service is free onboard NCL ships. You don't have to leave your room if you don't want to.
    11) Give yourself at least four hours to travel between the sea port and airports. Missing a plane or a ship can be very expensive.
    12) Serously think about getting a passport sooner rather than later. Flashing your passport at most lines you encounter usually gets quicker results.

    There's a dozen good recommendations. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    All good advice! Here's some more:

    If you plan on plugging in more than one thing at a time, bring a power strip or (at the very least) an extension cord. If you're in an inside cabin, bring a night light....it gets really dark in there!!!

    If you can, check your onboard account as you go. I don't know if NCL allows you to do it on the interactive TV but if not, you can get a copy of your charges at the purser's desk. Unless you just don't care how much you spend, the charges can get out of hand quickly. :)

    Try new food! There are so many wonderful things to try in the dining room - things that you might not even think of trying at home.

    See the shows!!! They're included in your cruise fare, and some of the entertainment is really, really good! They have all different kinds of acts going on!

    Don't forget to pack your open mind and good attitude. Like Don Clark said, no cruise is perfect. If you can roll with the punches no matter what happens, you'll have a great time every time. :)

    Have a great time!!!
  5. grammiel

    grammiel Guest

    Bring an over the door organizer, like one for shoes, keeps the tiny counter in the bathroom uncluttered and really makes things so much easier for you. We have a canvas one that rolls up pretty small to go into a suitcase. I'm sure the room stewards appreciates it too. Also a battery operated alarm clock. As the saying goes if you snooze you lose and find the alarm clock less startling than a wake up call. Enjoy your first cruise. We are going on the new Norwegian Jewel in Feb.
  6. ben803

    ben803 Guest

    hello everybody. Thank you all for your great advices. I've been searching around the forum and As for now, I've made a list of items I should bring. It is as follows:

    1) bar of soap
    2) insect repellent - Deet
    3) patch or bonine for sea sickness
    4) electrical outlet
    5) laundry detergent
    6) alarm clock
    7) 2 large empty bottles - full of alcohol. hint hint
    8) binoculars
    9) a night light since we are going to sleeping in an inside cabin
    10) suntan lotion
    11) digital camera

    If i am missing something, please please let me know. And I will definitely take your advice and not expect a perfect cruise and to expect the unexpected. As for insurance, since we are on a tight vacation budget... we chose not to accept it. We also plan to plan the excursions ourselves to save.

    Thank you all for your advices and the more advices will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  7. ben803

    ben803 Guest

    here is a question. If my ship leaves at 4PM , what time is a good time to arrive at the port? I was thinking of being there at 11AM.

    another question is, since i have an inside cabin which is low grade, do they segregate by cabin class on who goes on the ship 1st?

  8. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Hi again!

    I think 11:00 am is an ideal time. I like to get there between 10:00 and 11:00. Some think it's too early, but I'd rather wait sitting down inside the cruise terminal after I've checked in than standing in line outside the terminal waiting to check in. :) Your ship will probably begin boarding between 12:00 and 1:00, so by the time they begin, you'll be all checked in and ready for the "welcome aboard" photo!

    They do not segregate the cabins in any way, shape or form...at least not that I've ever seen! (Although I haven't ever cruised NCL, but I can't imagine they do that....) Of course, suites and above probably get some sort of special treatment, like a concierge or butler service. Other than wedding parties and other special events, check in is usually first come, first served.

    It sounds like you've done a lot of research and that you'll be very prepared....good for you!!!! You only have one first cruise....you'll have a wonderful time!
  9. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    NCL does provide toiletries onboard. You will not need that bar of soap, unless you want to use a specific brand. you can also get sea sickness pills from the main reception area, therefore you will not need to bring it, unless you can't take some medicines. I'd check with your doctor first.

    They usually start boarding the Dawn in NYC around 11:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m. may be half an hour early.

    They really don't segerate by room class on boarding. But NCL will have seperate lines for suite passengers and lattitudes members which process faster than the first time cruiser's line.
  10. Robbiei

    Robbiei Guest

    Hey Ben First time for us also. We will be on the same cruise. keep up the questions they're sure helping me.
  11. ben803

    ben803 Guest

    hey robbie. 2 more months and we are out to sea. woohoo.

    here's an update of items I will bring since this is my very 1st cruise.

    1) bar of soap
    2) insect repellent - Deet
    3) patch or bonine for sea sickness
    4) electrical outlet
    5) laundry detergent
    6) alarm clock
    7) 2 large empty bottles - full of alcohol. hint hint
    8) binoculars
    9) a night light since we are going to sleeping in an inside cabin
    10) suntan lotion
    11) digital camera
    12) waterproof wallet
    13) Antacid
    14) lip balm
    15) Journey Wrinkle releaser
    16) underwater camera
    17) small flash light
    18) coil bracelet for my cruise id
    19) zip lock baggies to bring snack from the buffet with me to the islands
    20) pop up hamper to organize my dirty laundry in my small statesroom
    21) nose spray and cold medicine

    Here are also some small secrets when traveling on NCL that I have found while searching the forums:

    1) you can add to menu when you order meals
    2) if steak is not on the menu, you can request on made for you
    3) ask the maid for feather pillows and robes
    4) you can get shrimp cocktail any night
    5) ask for binder to see the coming week's menus so you can plan your dinner in advance.

    Next, I will be searching what activities I would want to do when we land on the islands. It was recommended to me by my co-worker to buy my own snorkling equipment and just as around the island for a place on the beach with lovely coral and spend my time there. I will also have to buy my own life jacket since I don't know how to swim.

    robbie, i hope we get a chance to meet up... will this be your 1st cruise?
  12. Robbiei

    Robbiei Guest

    Hi Ben
    Donna and I are so looking forward to this trip. I'am sure we will get a chance to meet and share a drink from my camel back pack hint hint. The list you have started has saved me alot of time there are some great items on it that I would of never taken like soap lol . You go boy i'am loving it. Where do you find all this info. I have very little time to surf the web for it.I'am glad i found you.


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