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I want to go on a 5-7 day Alaskan cruise but the choices of cruise lines and their vessels are overwhelming. Price is not a factor. I simply want to know what ship serves the best food, has the best amenities, offers eclectic on-board activities, quality entertainment, and boasts a tasteful nightlife. Any suggestions or reccomendations are highly appreciated!


By what you are mentioning sounds to me like you may be looking for a Celebrity Cruise but I have never done them in Alaska so not sure how the activities are at night. When I go to Alaska it is Alaska that is the activity for me.


On choosing our Alaskan cruise we wanted to go to Glacier Bay. This reduced the options available by a lot. IMHO Glacier Bay is a must. Hubbard Glacier is spectacular but not as nice as the whole day in Glacier Bay.

Have you decided on itinerary yet? One way between Whittier/Seward and Vancouver or round trip from Vancouver or Seattle? Once you decide on which is the most cost effective and most convenient, this will narrow down your choices more.

The scenery is a bit less beautiful (but still very nice) sailing from Seattle since the ships go on the outside of Vancouver Island and there's less inside passage cruising. But Seattle was much more convenient to get into and out of than Vancouver was for us (from SoCal).

We've sailed Alaska on NCL, HAL, Celebrity (no Glacier bay) and all 3 were fantastic.

I'm envious. Happy sailing