1ST time cruising (at all) Carnival.Liberty.Western Carribean Oct 20 ANY TIPS?????

My hubby and I are cruising for the first time and I am getting super nervous. We leave Miami on Oct. 20. Late honeymoon. Have some questions....
Do I need to bring hair dryer?
How expensive are alcoholic drinks?
Is there an emergency number that my family can call if something happens?

We opted to not schedule any Carnival excursions due to prices. Any suggestions for companies/guides to go with? Hondouras Cozumel Belize Grand Caymans.
ANY advice is greatly appreciated!


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Re: 1ST time cruising (at all) Carnival.Liberty.Western Carribean Oct 20 ANY TIPS????

There is a hair dryer in the cabin. It works, however, the one you have at home is likely better.

It has been a while (my last cruise was April 2012 and I don't drink that much anyway) but I usually paid $7 - $8 plus tip (15 percent). Maybe it is $9 plus tip now.

Yes there is an emergency number - you will have to get it from the cruise line.

I used Victor Booden in Roatan and was very happy with him. Victor Bodden - Bodden Tours - Best of Roatan Tour and Rate Information

This picture is from that tour ...

In Grand Cayman my favorite is Stingray City and the turtle farm. I have gone on two ship sponsored tours (Royal Caribbean and Carnival) and one private tour (Captain Marvins). I actually liked the ship sponsored tours better. However, the group size is less with the private companies (there are others besides Captain Marvins).

Stingray City ...

Turtle farm ...

In Cozumel, take a taxi to Chankanaab Park ...

As of April 2009 the taxi prices were ...

You can swim (pool or ocean) or relax by the beach. There are lockers and a restaurant. The entrance fee is $10 - $15 (I forget). You can also play with the dolphins (cost extra - expensive).

More pictures from Chankanaab Park ...

The pool ...

The lagoon ...

The parking lot (as seen from the park) ...

Lockers ...

Playing with the dolphins ...



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Re: 1ST time cruising (at all) Carnival.Liberty.Western Carribean Oct 20 ANY TIPS????

Hello and Welcome to Cruise Addicts! I have some tips for some of your cruise ports. First let me say that in MOST ports you can find state licensed taxi stands at the port that will offer you flat rates to the most popular places (shopping, sites, ect). They will also offer you tours as well for a posted price. This can save you allot of money and make your trip more memorable. I have done this all over the Caribbean.

Cozumel - We take a taxi from the Pier to Downtown and walk around and shop, eat and drink. One of our favorite places is a Cruise Addicts favorite. Pancho's Backyard - (Reviews/Photos) Me and my wife visited this on our last cruise together and we loved it. We actually took the cab directly to this (drop you off right in front). Then we shopped alittle before returning to the ship.

Belize I would definately book a ship sponsored TOUR, Don't go solo here.

Grand Cayman - Try an island tour that includes all of the sites like HELL, Turtle Farm, etc. Jimmy Buffets restraunt is also very nice. You can even see all of the offshore banks!! This is the place. :)

Drinks onboard can be very expensive along with ship photos so watch your budget. You can check your expense account via kiosks and via your cabin tv so you know how much your spending and keep yourself within your budget. Carnival has a FAQ's section that is also very good. As stated your family can contact Carnival in an emergency. You can also use your rooms phone and cell phone (on some ships) for a large fee.

Have fun!
For our honeymoon last year we cruised. One of our stops was Grand Cayman. Friends gave us our excursion for a wedding gift, the Pirate Encounter. We really enjoyed it, it also seemed everyone else did to, of all ages.

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