1st timer to Antigua..what's the best to do?



Getting there via RCCL's Adventure of the Seas October 9th. What's the best of the best to do there?


I find the ship's tours to be more expensive than just taking a cab. As soon as you get to the end of the pier there is a stand there for taxis and tours. Alot of the time there will be many people there who want to go to the same places, so you go as a group and it's cheaper per person.
Nelson's Boatyard is a great place to a historic colonial dockyard. It has many small buildings that have nautical displays in them. There is a small hotel there and also a nice reasturant. All right on the water. The landscape and grounds are kept up beautifully and it's very peaceful just walking around.
Shirley"s Heights is of course located at the top of a peak. The view looks down apond Nelson's Boatyard and some hotels and some pininsulas and islands. The view is one of a kind and just georgous. There is a reasturant located up the along with some local vendors selling their wares. They are not pushy.
Pineapple Beach is my favorite. It is not crowded. The sand is like powder with a gentle slope into the water. There are places to eat or just have a drink. There are the vendors again. You can rent a chair or an umbrella. You can snorkel. The is a hotel there called "Long Bay Beach Hotel", where I would like to go if I didn't cruise. It's on the internet and tells about the area.


Perhaps we can find a cab to take us to all three of those to make a day of it. Thanks!

red stripe

agree with ironman..
we did the tour on our own. went to Nelsons boatyard and ended up at Pineapple beach for a great day.
Please remember one thing..
when you do a tour on your own.. leave plenty of time to return to the ship. If you are on a ships tour and it is late.. the ship will wait. If you are off on your own and are late getting back.. you will be watching the ship sail into the sunset.
So for any 'do-it-yourself" tours.. start out early to optimize your time.


Pineapple beach does sound nice. My group will be on this island in November. I don't remember seeing this Pineapple Beach on the tour list, how much was the taxi ride to the beach. I have found a number of companies on the net, but none will return my emails. Any suggestions?