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1st timers on NCL - Advices for the Gem, general NCL?



My parents will travel on the Gem from Barcelona, transatlantic, to Boston on 12-03-07. How does it work with the restaurant seating? What are the best deals concerning F/B on board? How much is the internet on the ship? Is there an indoor/roofed pool on the ship? How much they charge you for the spa? Do they have european or north american electrical outlets in staterooms, maybe both? Things YOU HAVE TO know for a NCL Freestyle Cruise and anything important you have to bring on board for a perfect cruise? They have booked an balcony stateroom on deck 10. Many questions. Thank you in advance for answering my questions...Happy cruisin´

Don Clark

The Main restaurants, Buffet, and Blue Lagoon have open seating. The Specialty restuarants have reserved seating, at least three of which will have surcharges. You'll only be able to reserve a table the day of, and the prior day.
The only indoor pool is the theraputic pool in the spa area, where you should pay the daily spa fee to use. I'm sorry I have forgotten the daily spa fee.
The Gem should have both European and North American electrical outlets in the cabins.
The most important thing to bring with you to guarantee a great cruise is a postive outlook on life, and a great desire to have some fun.


Don are you sure about the reservations a day or two out only? I was on the Jewel last year and booked four days out for our anniversary without a problem. Maybe they changed it or something. I would recommend booking as soon as you can, that way you won't be disappointed.

If you are a sushi fan, their sushi bar is not that extravagant (not a very creative menu), so you might skip that one. I will say that the French restaurant is the best dining on the seas. Bon appetit!

Don Clark

They have changed the reservations policy since last year.

Of course, if you booked a suite, you have the advantage of using the coincerge for help booking the hardest to get reservations.