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2/2/04 Summit any one else going?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by serch4frog, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest


  2. motherchic

    motherchic Guest

    Hi Sue,
    Just wanted to say "HEY !! "
    Guess we just cant find any other cruisers for this date. It could be very roomy.Hopefully we will find more as it gets closer.
    I ,as you must, just enjoy thinking about the trip.
    Talk to you soon
  3. BP

    BP Guest

    Bill and Carolyn here.
  4. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    Hi Guys, Yes, we have plenty of time to find other people. Hopefully they will see this or our other posts and join us. We only have 14 so far in our group. Talk to you all later.

  5. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    I am just bumping this up to see if anyone else will find us on here. Our cruise is booked up, so there must be lots more people out there to post. Hope they find us.

  6. Ken and Sharon are going!
  7. cccharley

    cccharley Guest

    Sharon - Hi there. We have a group of 27 so far signed up for the CC party. Can't wait .

  8. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    Hi Sharon and Ken, I am Sue and my hubby is Joe. We are from New Jersey. Ages 45 +46. Like Liz (cccharley) said we have about 27 people coming to our Cruisr Critic party. We have a thread going on Cruise Critic Board under Celebrity site, please check it out and join in. They have a link called ROLL CALLS, click on that and find serch4frog or 2/2/04 Summit. If you can not find it, I will keep checking back in on here and keep you inforned to when and where we are all going to meet. When you find the C.C. Board and sign up for the party they send you an Email invitation to a party that they throw for us also. We all plan on meeting somewhere on the first day to all meet unoffically for a drink or 10, lol. If you don't mind please fill in some of what I am about ot ask you. I am the one in charge of posting the names and Hotels and ages and all that of each of us on the ship in our group.

    Location you are from?
    How long Married?
    Any Children?
    Email addrress?
    Deck and room #?
    How many times have you cruised?
    Are you staying any days Pre-cruise? and if so What Hotel?
    Will you be eating any night at the Normadie resturant?
    What dinner seating do you have 1st or 2nd?

    I know I sound like I am writing a book, lol, but it is so we can all get to now eachother a little before hand and make it easier to make new friends this way.
    I will check back soon to see if you posted here or if you have found or Celebrity Cruise Critic Board and posted there.

    Bye for now, SUE
  9. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    Sharon + Ken are you out there? If so please reply.

  10. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    Just bumping this up so Sharon and Ken can find us.

  11. BP

    BP Guest

    See you in February. Just got off the Millennium this past Sunday and had a great time and already counting the days till the Summit.
  12. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    Hi Bill, Glad that you had a great time on the Millie cruise. You will also have the best time on the Summit cruise. What a difference between 7 nights and 11 night cruise. I never want a cruise to end, but 11 nights is as good as it gets. See you then.

  13. BP

    BP Guest

    We also were on the summit last year for a ten night cruise and loved the Summit so much that we booked our Feb2 2004 cruise while on board the Summit last year.
  14. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    Hi Bill, I hope more people find us on here. But we do have a great group on our other board, so I guess we shouldn't complain. Talk to you soon.

    WHERE IS EVERYONE, this cruise is booked.

  15. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    bumping this up
  16. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    bumping up
  17. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    HI GUYS!!

    I got off the SUMMIT in October and I am now having delectible flashbacks while reading this post. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BALL!!!

    BP!!! I am jealous!!!

  18. serch4frog

    serch4frog Guest

    just bumping up 18 more days left.


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