2 nites Denali OR 1 nite Denali, 1 nite McKinley


Nurse Nancy

I hope you all don't get tired of giving advice, because I need it and you are definitely helping me out!

Here is what I am debating:

Do we spend two nights at Denali, which includes the afternoon Natural History tour? (I thought we might have a better opportunity to see wildlife on a morning tour.)


Do we spend one night at Denali, take the morning Natural History tour the next morning, then go to McKinley Princess Lodge for one night there?

How can one possibly make these decisions without having seen the area, or from advice from travelers who have been there/done that????

For us, and especially my parents, this is a once in a lifetime vacation, and we want to make wise choices. If you have any advice, even if it means changing the plans above too, PLEASE feel free to tell me so.
Thank you!


We tried to do a cruisetour, but our dates were sold out. When we were planning, I did lots of research on the Denali Princess Lodge and the McKinley Princess Lodge. Go to tripadvisor.com. The Denali Lodge received HORRIBLE reviews from travelers. Tiny rooms, dirty rooms, poor service, blah blah blah. The McKinley Lodge received RAVE reviews. Most said to spend as much time at the McKinley lodge as possible. A few even suggested skipping Denaly all together and go directly to McKinley. You can't do that, but you can limit your time at Denali. If you don't care about where you stay, then I guess who cares how small your room is when you're sleeping!! It's all personal preferance. I also know that people that post on there can be negative, but I've used that site many times in the past and have found the reveiws very helpful and reliable.


You are going to want the Tundra tour. The Natural History tour isn't very good.