2 Ocean Tour, Colon, Panama


Spender Nui

I recently read something (I thought on this board) regarding this tour. I've been searching the boards but can't find anything. I'm looking for info and any feedback from those who have taken the tour. It looks like there is the basic tour and also (I think) the same tour in a domed RR Car. Are the tours the same? What is the difference between the 2 tours? All help appreciated.


We took this tour on our Carnival cruise in April. The domed cae is only offered from certain cruise lines not all. It is totally unnecessary (extra $$) IMHO. The modern, totally renovated RR cars are beautiful. An english speaking guide will be with each bus/train car all of the way. You will leave Colon about 9 and return about 2 p.m. You will transfer to a modern motor coach at Miraflores Lock and stop for a great reveiw of the canal transfer process. Then it was onto Balboa Yacht Club and the Bridge of the America's. After traveling though the streets of towns that are being revitalized, you tour the Panama City bay area with a stop for a photo opportunity. All in all, it was well worth the price about $135pp.
It was our only ship's tour, which I highly recommend for this port.
Bon Voyage

Lex Luthor

Took the Domed railcar tour in April on RCCL Splendour of the Seas. It is far superior viewing for the very few dollars extra over the regular price of the rail cars tour. In the domed car you can see foreward, backward, left and right... plus you are higher up... I noticed on the bottom cars, you see everything rushing past you...up very close... kinda sickening so... not much to see down there. But space is extremely limited and I booked it months in advance on RCCL's website.
I found Panama to be very nice overall, Panama City being safe and clean.

Either way, have fun down there!!!!

Lex Luthor

Just to clarify....

the bottom cars are just as nice as the Domed ones..but the view of the countryside is far better up top.