2-Week Aruba Land Cruise Review


Cruise cutie

This was the first time DH and I had the opportunity to be there for 2 weeks and found that it worked better to go snorkeling every other day.We found a new Tiki beach hut beach named Boca Catilina that was about 200 yards from Malmok Beach a snokel favorite.At Boca Catalina the local buses and taxis as well as rentals were there.It was similar to Baby Beach in that up to 200 yards out it was only waist high water.The snorkeling was fair but swimming perfect. Went to a new favorite restaurant first and last night there.The Divi Phoenix Towers have a "Sunset BistroRestaurant" on the beach seating tables about 20 feet from waters edge,food and ambience excellent.Also went to "Alfredos Restaurant",across the street from "La Cabana" Resort next to Mini Golf and "Black Hog Saloon.Bear in mind that as an Italian I am extremly fussy in food service and their Fettucine was one of the best I'd ever had.We go to El Guachos for Argentinian Beef and reservations are recommended 3 days in advance and well worth it,located downtown in Oranjestaad it is easily gotten to.The pier is adding a mega resort area and slow coming since I had been there last October..Carlo's and Charlie's is as crazy as ever..DH and I were nearby on ship day and it was rocking!!.Baby Beach was so perfect,we went 3 x and one day was after a rain storm in the night ,the amount and types of fish visable for snorkeling was vast,It was as is the rough waters had tossed them inland and we saw species not viewed snorkeling there before that time!! Cocoa Beach is next door to Baby Beach,lovely to swim not as easy for snorkeling.All the casinos were paying out quite good each night and we saw BIG winners..we actually hit great the last 3 nights and had fun so broke even overall.The Marriot Resort Time share Towers at the end of the Island is opening in July...Our time share Divi Village"The Links" is finishing by 2010 ;152 new units being added to the 152 already there and a public 9 hole golf course situated in the main body of the new time shares,We were told by Arubian officials that land is such, no MORE time shares allowed to be built on the Island after Divi's completion; so supply and demand will be nuts after that..The Island is easily gotten around ,clean, safe,common sense with any vacation spot but walking all over,taking buses and taxi's easy and people friendly and helpful.Would highly recommend it for a family or intimate vacation place.Tons of sun screen is needed as you are only 20 miles from South America and it is HOT even with the constant breezes.A base tan HIGHLY needed or stay in shade,use tons of sun block and hats are an evil I do use!!!Post a note if you have any ?'s and I'd be glad to answer them..Just a note airfare is pricey,it rarely dips below $700.00pp so shop around but sticker shock is easy.There has been one Hurricane in that island in over 150 years so they are out of the hurricane belt and charge accordingly..Year round temps of 84 degrees and a constant tropical breeze,with an average rainfall of just 9 inches a year.Aruba is very arid,lot's of cacti,iguanasand flowering bushes and trees ,surprisingly enough they are very busy in June,July,and August.lot's of teachers and students then as it's easiest for them to go then.Been there by ship and plane and it's great either way..ENJOY!!!...Joanne