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2008 Top Ten Dogs from AKC



Here are the loves of my life: SubFlower Star and his majesty, Sir Cody ...

At work ....

He has his own bed ...

But prefers ...

With his pet cat ...

With his little sister ...

With his Aunt Casandra (who crossed the Rainbow Bridge two years ago) ...


SunFlower Star is a beautiful lady, Calgon, and Cody certainly has a regal bearing. Great dog.


red stripe said:
Yes I have been Mary Ann.

The "dandy".. he was in great shape, he loved to walk all around a square block of roads each day. He never went into the road, he just walked that square.

One day a man knocked at the door, he had my darling in his arms, he had come down the hill and made his turn too fast and mounted the curb and hit him..

I have wondered all my life what age he would have reached if not for that.
What a heartbreak. =cry I understand my parents had gotten a puppy for me before I was born and it was hit by a car and killed about two weeks before my birth. :( They never got another dog.


Had doxies all my youth so number 7,then went to bassets,not listed,and now greyhounds,not listed,but I really dont think greyhounds people know a lot about. John has had dalmations all his life,so thats his,and I have always wanted a golden but bow to John for what dog he wants.

red stripe

[size=x-large]and here is a picture of MAW and her terrier..
I am waiting for her to let me know when this was taken, and the dogs name.



ATaken abt 1937 not sure I was 2 yet. Think dog was Tippi which is only name that comes to mind. Love little dogs like that still We have had beagles, German Shepherds and poodles. All good breeds.

red stripe

Denise... you are so right.. he does look like "Nipper" the RCA dog :lol

did you know that "Nipper" came from Bristol England... same as my family and same as Cary grant.. :grin

got to find a picture....