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Thread: Theme dinners

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    Donnamay78 Guest

    Theme dinners

    <HTML>Does anyone know if HAL has "theme" dinners? We'll be on the Zaandam to Alaska Aug. 18 and want to be sure our group is appropriately dressed...</HTML>

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    pamda Guest

    Re: Theme dinners

    <HTML>They put silly hats on your head one night. That's all.</HTML>

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    Donnamay78 Guest

    Re: Theme dinners

    <HTML>Thanks for the info..</HTML>

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    Frank Guest

    Re: Theme dinners

    <HTML>They give everyone dutch style hats at one dinner.</HTML>

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    ChrisC Guest

    Re: Theme dinners

    <HTML>They did have a 50's dance one night but no one dressed that way for dinner but some poodle skirts showed up later in the evening.</HTML>


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