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Just a quick update I visited late with Mike, came home did his laundry, tried to make order out of my house etc.

I went into the hospital this morning and visited with Mike and brought a lunch up to his room and we enjoyed having a meal together. The swelling in his legs has gotten really bad. So I asked about it. They gave him a lasix pill which did nothing. So I insisted that his doctor be called. A house doctor came in since his doctor had already checked him this morning and left the hospital, and he ordered with approval of Mike's doctor a pretty hefty dose of Lasix by injection. Mike will now get that 2 times a day until the swelling is under control.

I left for a little while and went back tonight. The injection of lasix was working.

His cardiologist is pleased with his progress. They feel the swelling was from all of the IV fluids they gave him to help jump start the repair of the kidneys and liver issues....but now he is full of fluid.....so we go the other way. Mike looked uncomfortable but was not complaining....he is just taking it in stride wanting to be well again. His cardiologist will see him again tomorrow.

He is able to walk to the bathroom now, and they brought in a big lounge chair which he sits in most of the day. Tonight we watched the flight for life hellicopter come and go several times. Amazing how that lands on the roof and Mike has a good view.

We still have no answers about the clotting problems. What his nurse tonight told me is that tall lanky men have problems with lungs, and blood clotting.....and a nurse at the other hospital told me the same thing.....but the hematologists have got to figure out what is a safe dose of coumadin for him yet.

That is about it. He is ordered out of work for several months. It is going to be a long recovery for him. The doctor will be sending the case supervisor in tomorrow to start the paperwork for his disability. We want to get that done before he leaves the hospital so that I can ensure that the doctor has signed off on it etc.... It was at his suggestion that we take this route not knowing how long Mike will be disabled.

So much depends on how much damage has been done to the heart and lungs. We won't know that until those blood clots are gone from the lungs, and until he has another heart scan which won't be done right now...his body needs to recover first..And they don't want to push any more clots.....

Mike knows he is lucky to be alive. Some of these clots in his lungs are quite large, and they went right through his heart. The coumadin has been reintroduced and now we watch and wait. He will be in the hospital for at least another 5 days which is fine with me. I am very nervous about him coming home until he is much more stable than he is right now. And Mike agrees 100 percent. He is bored of course so I have given some of his buddies the OK to visit a little......but I have warned them all if they are sick they are to stay away from him!

Now I need some zzzzzz's. I go back to work tomorrow and then will visit at night. So I'll report in later in the evening.

Thanks to all of you for your support!


You both sure have been through an ordeal.....thanks for the update and prayers continue.


Please send my best to Mike and let him know I am so glad to read how he is improving so well. Take care today. =hug


Thanks so much for the update, looks like things are getting a little better all the time. Prayers & good thoughts continue for the both of you.


Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. It sounds like the doctors have Mike heading in the right direction. Take care of yourself as you go back to work. Prayers continue......:angel


You get some rest, you can't do anything for Mike if you are run down or beat. Continued prayers for you both.


Our prayers and good wishes still flying west to you. Judy just hpe that mike doesn't decide those helicoptors are sling in pavement when the rotors go around. Paw also had enjoyed watching them coming and going until he thought they were laying black top. Wish we were near so we could come by and he and Mike could swope "war stories"


I'm relieved to see that Mike seems to be on his way to recovery finally. Fingers crossed and prayers continue he stays on that road. Get some rest, so you are up to taking care of him when he returns home.


I am so glad to hear that things are turning around for you and Mike. Sounds like they are finally getting a handle on things. Now you can get back into your routine.

Take care.



Thanks for the update Judy.....both of you have been on my mind all weekend. :angel dust continues to blow WEST!

Cruise cutie

Hey Kiddo.. glad to get good news this AM; and hear more rest IN your voice.... I'll call after I get off Duty tonight...prayers continue... =hug Joanne.


Hope he continues to show steady signs of improvement and also hope the drs do not rush him home again. It is going to take time for him to recover physically but it is also going to take time for you to get over the emotional roller coaster you've been on these past wks. Now that you have that power of attorney for Mike you should carry it or at least a copy of it in your purse at all times & he needs one for you too since none of us knows when an emergency may come up & you don't want him kept away from you; I do understand the privacy issue but sometimes they take it to extreme so it is best to have all your bases covered. Since DH & I started having some major medical issues we each carry in our wallets a list of medications, drs, & emergency contacts for both of us. Wishing the best for both of you.

H2O babe

The news sounds encouraging and I'm sure it's easier for you to head in to work knowing that Mike is doing better. I'm going to send a message to your personal email account later tonight. Don't worry if you don't have time right away to respond. Get to it when you can.



I, too, am glad to hear (read) that Mike is doing better. Sounds like he has a ways to go yet, but at least they are getting in control of what is happening to him. I would be like you...keep him in the hospital until you know he is OK and not go through the events of the other day again! I wouldn't mind someone telling me I COULDN'T go to the office for a few days (with pay of course! ha!), but I would not want to get there via the way Mike has!

We will continue to keep the both of you in our prayers, that soon your life will be back to normal (what ever normal is!!). <<<<hugs>>>>