2Tall tonight.......



I came here first thing tonight, thought about you both all day. Tell Mike we are rooting for his recovery and you take some time for yourself to regroup. We're keeping up the good thoughts and prayers. Laurey and Ian


Well today was a turning point for Mike. He looked good tonight, ate 3 full meals with ice cream for dessert tonight. He says his legs feel stronger also. He is still being shot up with Lasix 2x daily. His legs are still very swollen but have gone down a tad, they didn't feel like they would pop wide open when I pressed on them tonight. According to the pulmonologist and the cardiologist he is improving well. The pulmonologist told Mike they had sent his blood work and reports to several labs. None of the hematologists has an explanation for what went wrong. None of them, and he said to Mike I'm sorry but we may never know. Well leave it to the 2Tall to have such an anomaly which almost killed him! Mike's coumadin is still not where they want it. So they continue to check his blood 4 times a day now. And he forgot to ask the nurse what his liver panel is. He has meds at 9pm so I told him at that time he is to check that level out for me. LOL I think for Christmas I'm going to have to buy Mike one of those pill boxes with all the different slots for time and date!

Tonight I have to admit after returning to work and then visiting Mike for only about an hour I am exhausted. I think it is like the stress has just hit me hard, and I admit I'm nervous about his coming home, although I do look forward to him being around again.

Mike has always teased me about being Catholic. Well this hospital Mike is in is a Catholic Hospital. St. Anthony's Central. On Saturday on one of my visits to him in CICU, I asked him how the heck he got himself into enough trouble to end up in a Catholic Hospital. He just laughed and said he asked for Lutheran but the medics brought him here. So then when I left him I said now behave yourself. He pointed to the Crucifix hanging over the head of his bed and said I have no choice, that is what happens when you don't!. LOL

Thank You all once again for your prayers and good thoughts, flowers and cards. I didn't stop at home after work but when I came home tonight I found a bunch of cards in the mailbox which I will take to him tomorrow.


You two have had a very trying time. Many of the things you describe we continue to see with Elliott from time to time. Especially the swelling. His foot swelled up several months ago and it really has never gotten better. So don't be surprised if you never know some of the reasons why. And the pill box is a must. We have many :) Rest when you can and yes, you will be nervous but that is really a good thing, keeps you on your toes I think. My motto after many years dealing with all my son's medical issues is "It is what it is" It seems to work for me at least. Take a hot bath and get some sleep. It is a must in dealing with what you are dealing with. God bless you both.

Cruise cutie

=hugs..glad I got to hear your voice on the way home.GO TO SLEEP..:evil.. I'll ring you tomorrow..tell Brat Boy I'll be yapping to him before I get on the ship.. and leave LA..=eek......and to consider ... he's been warned..!!..:grin..:kisses Joanne...


Glad to hear that Mike is doing better. You need to try and get some rest, too.

Prayers continue for both of you...


What great news to wake up today this morning. Please tell him to keep up the good work of getting well. =hug


Glad to read of the improvements! Hope they continue for both of you. How is your Dad doing? Prayers continue.



Very happy to read this. Mike sounds like he is on his way... to better health, and to home sweet home!