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3 in 1 room on Norwegian sky is there enough room?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by kbossa, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. kbossa

    kbossa Guest

    We are sailing in June and there are 3 of us in one room. This is our first cruise and was just wondering if there will be enough storage in this small space? How should we pack? Thanks!
  2. halfdome86

    halfdome86 Guest

    We had 2 adults and an 8 yr old in a balcony cabin. We did it but it was tight. The Sky's cabins are on the small side and the storage isn't good.

    We kept bags under the beds to use as drawer space. There is definitely not enough drawer or closet space.

    That said, you can do it. Just be prepared.

    Would we sail again on the Sky in spite of the tightness? Yes.

    Be flexable and enjoy.
  3. traveltime

    traveltime Guest

    My husband & I thought that the SKY's cabins were the smallest that we have ever had. A small child sharing the cabin with you will probably be OK. I definately would not share it with one of my teens. Ask your Cabin Steward to store your empty luggage for you. Then, you can use the space under your bed as extra storage space for your packed items. Have fun! We really enjoyed the SKY.
  4. WONDER what ship you going to sail since the Norweigian SKY is going into dry dockin MAY to become the PRIDE OF ALOHA ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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