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    lillian Guest

    X Ray of Luggage

    Do the cruise lines x ray the luggage before it gets to your cabin. I know that they x ray your hand luggage before you board the ship.

    Reason I was asking because I read someplace on the board that someone had to go down to the pursers office to claim their luggage as their was a tag on it that there was a large pair of scissors.

    Maybe that tag came from the airline check in.

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    Einstein Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage

    They did not use to but with the change in times who knows. ROTFLMAO about the scissors. I hope the Terrorist can swim real well if they get thrown overboard. :grin


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    PEB Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage

    With the availability of steak knives at dinner I don't know why the cruise line would worry about scissors. I have heard they x-ray the suitcases down below and on some cruise lines if they have found bottles which they think may be alcohol they have made some people come and take out the bottles. I do not know this for sure I have only read it on some of the boards and it was not with every cruise line.

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    seamom Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage

    Hi Lillian!....don't know this answer to this one...just remembered that we had communicated earlier and looks like you booked a cruise?

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    sail7seas Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage

    I don't know if they x-ray or not....but I don't see any problem with someone having a pair of scissors in their checked luggage. That is not an illegal item to have/use. It is illegal to bring something like that on a plane in carry aboard luggage...but not a ship.

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    TexasSue Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage

    Not sure of all lines but yes the luggage is sent thru xray I believe on most ships. I know NCL does and if you have any thing that looks like a bottle they will hold the luggage - call you aside when checking in and you have to open the bag and if you have liquor they will take it and hold til end of cruise - same as with carry on luggage. When we sailed out of Boston in October saw several incidents of this. My travel partner had to open her luggage as they thought here set of hot curlers were little bottles. Didn't hold us up but maybe 10 minutes and they were very nice.

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    Mgram Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage

    Yes, Princess DID xray all baggage going aboard the Star in Seward, in August.

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    MikeInPgh Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage

    Being totally paranoid about mine and my wife's safety, I emailed RCCl and Princess about that subject last November. The answer I got was yes. I saw Princess doing it in San Juan last Dec and I have heard from people who cruised RCCL in April of this year and they witnessed it as well. So I would assume Princess, Royal and Celebrity (because RCCL owns them) x-ray checked luggage before it goes on board.

    That leave Carnival, last year they put off a family after a box of live bees was found in their luggage. They claimed it was for medical use for a family member with MS. Could be, however, how did Carnival find that box?

    In talking with the head of security on the Dawn Princess last year and through careful observation, I noticed that much of what comes on board during a stop (food, beverages...) is either hand searched ot sniffed by dogs.

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    Judi Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage

    Last October, just after 9/11, we sailed out of Baltimore on the Zenith. We had to stay with ALLour luggage while it went through the X-Ray machines.

    This past May and just last month, we didn't have to stay with it, so I don't know if they X-Rayed everyone's luggage or just spot checked.

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    red stripe Guest

    Re: X Ray of Luggage



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