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    linon1968 Guest

    Hawaii cruise weather

    What is the weather for cruising on the Pacific ocean around May or November? We try to decide the Infinity Hawaii cruise. Thanks

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    GregR Guest

    Re: Hawaii cruise weather

    It's always nice cruising weather around the Hawaiian Islands. Cruised on the NCL Star this past Thanksgiving. Had some rocky weather one day on the open seas and a rough arrival into Maui. I understand it is sometimes necessary to skip some Hawaiian ports in the winter months. On the Thanksgiving cruise, those most affected by motion sickness did have some problems. But, most had no problems.

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    ShipMaven Guest

    Re: Hawaii cruise weather

    May should be better than November.

    Having said that, ANY crossing is unpredictable. The weather will be warm in/near the Hawaiian Islands, but the crossing itself will be fairly cool - not only the air temperature but from the wind on the decks from the ship going full speed.

    All things being equal, the seas should not be really rough - especially in May - but it's impossible to predict. I've crossed between the Mainland and Hawaii quite a few times, and it has never been very bad. I've crossed in March, April, June, September and October.

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    Ashley 'Chuch Chuch' Cunningham Guest

    Re: Hawaii cruise weather

    I agree that the Hawaii weather is nice. I"ve been there only once but that dousen't make a difference.
    Ashley Cunningham


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