4 spaces offered on Pompeii Amalfi tour from Naples 2nd June



Hello all
we are on Golden Princess Venice to Rome 22nd May 2006
I have reserved a tour with one of Marcello's recommended drivers for Pompeii and Amalfi drive from Naples on 2nd June 2006
His company's tours get great reviews on the boards and all cover the same itinerary
Anyone wishing to join us please email me on derekp@lineone.net

Here is the email I got from Marcello

Ciao Derek,

I apologize for my error ,I forgot to check ship name and it was a different one !!

I have another party from the Golden Princess with one of my driver but I am sorry ,it is already full.

Anyhow if you wish I can plan for you my other great experienced English spoken driver following my same tour.

Tour will be Pompeii and Amalfi drive.

For your information, in Pompeii by law only licensed local guides are allowed inside the gates. So if you wish guidance, you have to hire a local at the gate or use the head

phone services that can be purchased inside. If you wish, I can arrange for a passionate guide for your group at the cost of euro 100 for around 1 hour 45 minutes visit plus

euro 10 per person fee entrance.

I only use van for my tour since is needed a vehicle comfortable and high to see constantly over the guard rail wall along the Amalfi drive.

I charge by vehicle, euro 550 total for max 6 passengers ( van will be 7 seats total and very comfortable ).

Anyhow to repay your great trust you put on me if happens you wont find ship mate and will be only 2 person to our appointment

I will charge only euro 350 which is the cost of a car but already getting a needed van.

Of course it is important to reserve, soon also my driver will be booked.