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4x4 Jeep Safari

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Hamp 6.5, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Hamp 6.5

    Hamp 6.5 Guest

    Has anyone taken any of the 4x4 Jeep safari excursions? I see that there are different ones offered by the ship- Conquest.
    What is the difference?

    Hamp 6.5
  2. Terrimcc

    Terrimcc Guest

    What island are you looking at? We did this on Cozumel and loved it. It was a blast. Very bumpy, definetly off roading. Hope this helps. Terri
  3. Hamp 6.5

    Hamp 6.5 Guest

    I looking at trying this in Cozumel. Does everyone get there on jeep? How long is the excursion? What else do you do?
    Last time we went to Cozumel we basically went sight seeing, shopping, and hung out at Carlos and Charlies

    Thanks for responding to the message.

    Hamp 6.5
  4. NolesFan

    NolesFan Guest

    did this excursion through carnival. lasted all day. we had a jeep we shared with another couple. my husband drove as the other couple was not interested in driving. was a lot of fun. we did snorkeling, a lighthouse, and an eco tour type thing. AWESOME snorkeling off punta sur in cozumel. some off road at the end of the tour which was fun as well.
  5. Terrimcc

    Terrimcc Guest

    The name of the company was Pelicanos, we booked through Royal Caribbean. There were 4 guides that met us at the port and explained what we were going to be doing. We were off then for a short walk down the block to where the Jeeps were kept. We loaded up 4 to a Jeep, and were on our way. At the PeePee Station (yes that was really the name of the place) where the guides doubled up and my husband and I got our own Jeep. We then started off for the jungle. As I mentioned before it was a great ride. After driving out about 1 hours we went to a beach where they were cooking our lunch. We spent about 2 hours on the beach, then back to the PeePee Station for shopping and pit stop. We were then back to the ship. The whole thing was about 4 hours. I would definately do it again. I have pictures from the trip. If you have any other questions feel free to email me. Terri
  6. wile1170

    wile1170 Guest

    In most islands you can rent your own jeeps from agencies by the pier....do some research on the internet to find rentals on each island. On most islands, you can go on the same "trails" or routes that the more expensive tours do. We have done this in Aruba and Cozumel....renting your own jeeps allows you too see the island at your pace and adventure at your own will.

    We are renting jeeps in Grenada this December so we can visit all the different waterfalls and trails....we found a jeep rental company that gives you the guide maps, etc at about $ 50 per jeep for the entire day...vs. $ 46 pp from the ship....
  7. JadeJag

    JadeJag Guest

    We did this tour in Mo Bay on our first cruise and it was the best excursion to date. We had a blast. We only had one other couple in our jeep and the guide we had was sensational. We got to pick the best oranges in the world directly off of a tree in an orange orchard that is off-limits to the public. I can't recommend this tour highly enough. We booked through Carnival and I do remember it was a bit pricey but worth every penny.

  8. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    When renting Jeeps from a car rental company in Cozumel, they require that you do NOT go off road in their jeeps. If you want the off-road experience or the Dune Buggy tours, make sure you book that with a company who has the appropriate vehicles for this type of driving. You can do it through the cruiseline, or if you do a search online, there are other independent companies that come highly recommended.

    We do rent Jeeps everytime we are in Cozumel, its a great way to see the island, you get so much more freedom and better time management this way. But for the off-road stuff, stick with a tour company.
  9. Terrimcc

    Terrimcc Guest

    We did the one through Royal Caribbean. As stated above, they used Pelicanos. We had a bast. I did have some photos in the old photo galley. I don't know if they are available since the switch. It was Splendour of the Seas 4/17/04. Terri
  10. Victoria

    Victoria Guest

    We are headed to Mo Bay and Grand Cayman in 8 weeks. We are interested in this type of tour. Does anyone have any photos to share? We would like to know costs associated with this. There are four of us traveling together and we would like to drive our own jeep if possible. Was there anything other than off roading involved in the tour?

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