7/20/03 Sailing on Norway? Anyone know what kind of cabin is AG?



I booked an R3 AG cabin...run of the house. Anyone else ever done this? Do you think she'll sail on the 20th of July? What is your opinion?


I hope so! I'm booked on the 7/13 sailing, and haven't heard anything else about cancellations but it looks iffy to me. The NCL site hasn't released any new info since friday I believe. I wish I knew so I could make alternate plans, if necessary! Good luck to all!


Ashella..... An AG cabin is the lowest level of suites on the Norway, which is a very good selection! I don't understand why you call it the run of the house?!! It is a suite with oceanview and or balcony , you get special amenities with these suites, which also include concierge service. You chose a wonderful level of stateroom.

I recently received news from a website that gave more information about the extension of the damage. According to "Raoul and Beyond" a cruise website, they stated that although the hull of the Norway was not damaged, the integrity of some of the water tight compartments are no longer secured, meaning the seal to protect water from coming in was damaged, due to the buckled bulkhead. The boiler of course was totalled, and some of the crew's quarters above the boiler room were damaged.

My own personal opinion is that I believe that they will repair the Norway, but it will take a while not only to repair, but just the fact they need so many parts to repair the damage. I too have a sailing on the Norway on the September 14th date. I am worried even about my sailing and whether they will be done on time. ( My TA says I worry too much!!) All I can say is that they are aware of how many millions they are losing just by not sailing, so they will move as quick as possible in order to get her floating again. Don't you think that although they didn't know how much damage there was at first, the last announcement of cancelling the first 2 weeks of June sailings tells me that they know more about the time it will take to repair things? I think they know approximately how long, but there is no guarantee. Also, they would not cancel a sailing IF there was a possiblity it COULD sail, that is why they probably chose another 2 weeks. I am not at all an expert at this, so please don't take all this to heart. I would be pleasantly surprised if they were to resume by the end of June, but I am not optomistic that they will.

I can suggest that if you still want to sail on those dates, then just be prepared to call your TA as soon as you hear your sailing date is cancelled. I know I am going to be prepared. I want to know what other choice I will have in case my date is cancelled.

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We "had" a 6-15-2003 sailing date on the Norway and were just informed that is has been cancelled and as far as I know all of June's crusie dates on the Norway were also cancelled


As for sailing again and when, I don't think anyone has the answers yet. I really believe the top brass will let us know when they are 100% sure. Everything else we are hearing is strictly rumor. Good to listen to as long as we realize it is just that "gossip". Everytime I read someone told someonene else about the future of the ship I just let it go. Now, I think what it meant by "Run or the House" is the same thing as we call guarentee. You are guarenteed at least the cat or better, you just don't have a cabin assignment. We have booked an AE cat which really is about the same as AG, just a higher deck. Just got info from another board as to where you can get a discription of your cabin. There are many links but I used cruisestaaateroom.com. Good luck and happy cruisin.

We just have to think positively and take what comes our way.



Nita...you are so right...most is just rumors or someone elses opinion, so we need to just be patient and wait. I know the top brass will inform all of us when they too are sure.

As far as the cabins go on the Norway...you can get such varied size staterooms within the same category. Thanks for the site on cabins, I will check it out.