.......Well good new and bad news. They shocked her heart and it is now beating properly. Bad news is that she has Aortic Valve Stinsos. Which is basically the narrowing of the heart valve. The doctor told her that the front of her heart is not working. Right now they are trying to find a doctor to treat her and what her options are. She has enlisted the help of her church Elder. I went online to see what this was all about and it looks like there are 2 options. One being a balloon catheterization and the other is a heart valve replacement. The dorctor said that this is very serious and she is very sick. She is still in ICU and is very down right now. If you want to call her, it might take her mind off of this for a little while. 314-496-2000 room 3106.

My dad went back to the nursing home today. He has an infection in his G-tube. This is the 3rd time in the month of July that he has been in the hospital.I understand that this is very difficult to treat. My dad is such a differnt person now than he was 7 months ago. He was raking leaves and doing year work. He even had Christmas Eve dinner at my house. Everything changed on Christmas Day. Now he just lays in the bed and wants to sleep.


Thanks for the report on Connie. Could this heart problem be the reason why she has been unable to fight these other problems?



I just phoned and spoke with Connie. First of all, there's a correction to the phone number (some poor fellow may find himself fielding a lot of calls!).

[size=large]Connie's correct phone number is 636-496-2000, room 3106.[/size]

Her heart condition is very serious and the problems with her colon stem from her heart not being able to pump adequately to that area of her body. Her heart condition, according to Connie, was a surprise to all. A team of doctors will be consulting. She did have her colonoscopy, but she's awaiting the results of some biopsies.

Her son, DJ, is looking after the kitties and Simey let DJ pick him up this morning. Way to go, Simey!! Connie misses her kitties terribly. She will be going into a nursing rehab facility for awhile, and perhaps the Mouseketeers (or at least one of them) can go visit her.

Beth - thank you for the updates, and I send prayers not only for Connie, but for your Dad as well.

Cruise cutie

Thoughts and prayers for a full, and heal fast recovery from our Home for Conniecat..:daisy..Joanne


Am so sorry she is having so many problems but now that she is finally getting the medical attention she really needs perhaps she will show some improvement soon. I know how much she loves her furbabies and being away from them has to be a big source of her depression; maybe the rehab facility will allow them to visit once in a while.

Wishing better days ahead for your father too.