7 mile beach Grand Cayman



When taking the 7 mile beach break excursion through RCI, can someone tell me which hotel or beach club this will be at? And if we should go on our own or through the cruise line? If on our own, any suggestions on which hotels to enter the beach at?



We were on RCI in April. We had nothing planned for Grand Cayman. When we got off the tender, there were a lot of different groups offering their services. We went with one that said "Public Beach". We got on his van and after he filled it the driver took us to a public free beach. It had bathrooms, a restaurant, watersports (for a fee). When we were ready to go back to the shops (where you get off the tender), we just got on another van and he took us back. It costs us $12 each. ($6 each way).


That sounds good. We took a taxi to 7 Mile Beach for $3 per person. We paid $13 each to get onto the beach. This included a chair, umbrella and 1 or 2 drinks. Thie was in 2001.


Hi. My husband and I went to Grand Cayman on the voyager a little over a year ago for our Honeymoon. We did not have an excursion arranged, but decided to walk to locate 7 mile beach on our own. Getting off the tender we went left, and walked a few blocks or so. We then saw an opening so we crossed the street and combed the beach. Their were a few places you could do this. We walked along the beach for a couple hours stopping and playing in the water some. There was one spot that we took our shoes off and walked though the water to keep walking along the beach. You will see a path were many others have done the same, we always felt safe along this beach/area.

On the way back we walked on the sidewalks on the street side, and did a little shopping. Later on we had chosen to walk the beach line again. Along the street side there were convenient stores and fast food restaurants to stop and get drinks if needed. Taxis drivers were real aggressive, slowing down encouraging you to have them take you to beach. Even when we were practically there already. I would do this island by your self, it was perfect for that.