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7 mile beach

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Suesue, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Suesue

    Suesue Guest

    Hi all,

    We are going to the Caribbean on our first cruise in late March on Century. Have been to Grand Cayman before and done the stingray city thing, so this time we'd like to do 7 mile beach. Ship's excursion is something like $18 and gives you a chair and one drink and use of facilities at one of the resorts. If we don't do that, is it easy to get a cab to and from? Can we use the beach without staying at a resort? Thanks for the info.

  2. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Don't waste your money on a ship's tour! Take a taxi and have them bring you to one of the tourist friendly hotels. I am not sure which one is best these days, but the driver will know. The beach is public, but access may be limited and you may be charged for a lounge chair. Don't go to the Colony Club. It was a rip off.
  3. suesue

    suesue Guest

    Thanks nanatravel! I figured there must be another way ....Will surely skip the Colony Club!

  4. Aaron

    Aaron Guest

    Our favorite 7 mile Beach Day is to contact the hotels in advancen and find one that will offer you a DAY rate to use their facilities. The hotels do not like the cruise pasengers, and will not allow you on their chairs, and even if you tip one attendant to let you, a security guard will ask for your key and then shoo you away. Colony Beach club is not a rip, at $18 for taxi and admission and a chair, it beats $10 pp for rd trip van and $10 pp for chairs at another facility. We used the Holiday Inn for $40 for a day rate for a party of 8 and were welcomed openly. Also nice to have a shower to use before town shopping. We do this at many ports with long hours in port.
  5. robby

    robby Guest

    we did the Holiday Inn on 7 mile beach a couple years ago and dont recall paying anything for even use of their chairs...i do know we bought their drinks though....but beach area was nice with nice snorkeling right off the beach....robbyxoxo
  6. Jo Ann

    Jo Ann Guest

    Just came back from the Voyager sailing of 1/19. We took a taxi to the Holiday Inn ($15.00 for two), and rented beach chairs for $10 each. You can get to the hotel for $4 each if you want to wait for the van to fill up. Included in the price was a free soda, or bottled water. This beach was nicer and less crowed than Colony. You have use of clean rest rooms, towels and even beach side service for drinks and food. There is water sports equipment (wave runners, snorkels, water bikes, etc.) available to rent. We had a great day at the beach. When you get off the ship, there is a tourist information booth right there to assist.

  7. Suesue

    Suesue Guest

    Thanks for the great info Jo Ann! Sounds like doing your own thing is the way to go and this sounds just perfect. It sounds like it's easy to get a taxi back whenever you are ready to go back?

  8. Jo Ann

    Jo Ann Guest


    Taxi's are waiting right along side the beach. However, they are vans, so they wait to fill. Watch for the groups of people getting to leave and hop aboard. There was a lot of traffic, but thanks to our risky cab driver, we made it in record time. I guess you should just make sure you have ample time to make it back.

    The one thing we thought of is to check out the hotel lobby across the street, perhaps car-type cabs are there waiting.

    Have fun.
  9. Suesue

    Suesue Guest

    Great - now all I have to do is wait for my sailing on March 29th! Oh boy! I'll have a frozen drinky poo in honor of the board help I've received!


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