7 more work days untill im outa here!!1



this has been the longest year of my life. 13 months ago i booked my upcoming cruise and started doing research, planning, buying clothes and things i will need to take and stashing money away for my week of fun and luxury. and of course reading all these great boards for tips and help.

wow, now it is only 2 weeks away untill i will be sipping that glass of wine on the deck as we leave the port. cant wait.

then i will have to plan another cruise for next year.

carnival spirit sept 10 here i come.


I gotcha beat! I'm leaving home at 3 tomorrow morning, driving 2 hours to the nearest large aiport, and ****flying to Anchorage!! ** Then on Saturday, I'll board the Island Princess (in Seward), and sail down to Vancouver.

Can't wait! Packing is mostly done... a few last minute things to toss into the carry-on. And BOY am I excited!!

Have a wonderful time! I remember so well my first cruise!!