8/14 conniecat update

I finally got logged on. Spoke to Connie today, they found her a doctor and is now waiting for an appointment. She has Penumonia, and is still dealing with the UTI, also having trouble with her blood sugar levels. Her son is worried that the Doctor will want to do something while he is in Greece next month.

Her son is so stressed out taking care of Connie and her needs along with taking care of things at home and a job. I know exactly where her is coming from.

Lets all give Connie a great big "GET WELL SOON". I know she misses her babies.


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Sorry to hear that things are not getting better faster.
Sending prayers from MN for you & your family.
I hope this new dr. will be of more help.
I too miss the pictures of the 3 kittys.


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Well, finding a doctor was step #1-now we'll keep fingers crossed he can come up with a good solution and Connie will be able to start on her road to recovery. There are too many pictures to be snapped for her to be sitting around in a hospital bed all day. ;) HUGE HUGS to Connie from NJ and hope TJ can find someone to help him out too....


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Thank you for the update on Connie.

Connie - I send you hugs, prayers and best wishes from aboard Sea Princess. I pray this new doctor can help you quickly!

Mary Ann